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  1. Estimado

    Installing Additive Aerospace Surface mounts for screw switch PCB's

    Hi All, I am looking to install two Additive Aerospace Surface mounts for screw switch PCB's in a 7” long AV bay. The AV bay is canvass phenolic from MAC Performance Rocketry. Is CA glue adequate for adhering the mount on the inside or would a 5 minute epoxy be better? Also, does anyone have...
  2. lowga

    Additive Aerospace 38mm Fin Can Supersonic

    I'm working on a project--and hoping to fly it at Bama Blastoff II in October. I'm trying to build a mach-capable rocket using a carbon fiber airframe, and a 3-D printed 38mm fin can from Additive Aerospace. My experience with 3-D printed components is limited to low power flights. If it...
  3. Landru

    Additive Aerospace 38mm (~1.6") Fin Cans now available!

    38mm fin cans are now officially back into production! The latest generation cans are made from PET, and available in 3 and 4 fin configurations, with weights as low as 62g! These cans will have no trouble breaking Mach, and have been proven up to ~M1.4 with lots of room to spare. Currently...