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  1. jepawi

    Determination of orientation

    Hi everyone Im new to this forum so i hope i do everything right. I'm a mechanical enginnering student and currently working on a rocket with some collegues. Our ultimate goal is to build an active-stabelized rocket using fin-control. We're struggeling with the determination of the orientation...
  2. G

    Accelerometer-only Apogee Loggers

    Hello! I'm currently making a bluetooth apogee/gforce logger using 2 accelerometers(1 watchdog in 16g mode, 1 high-accuracy that varies between 2-16g mode) and 1 gyroscope. I'm curious as to if there are any other apogee loggers which use only accelerometers, and if their accuracy is as good as...
  3. Joshua Koehler

    Most Accurate Way to Measure Velocity: Accelerometer vs Barometer vs ?

    I need to be able to precisely measure a high-powered rocket's velocity after motor burnout. There is an onboard altimeter, as well as an accelerometer available to me. Which would yield a more accurate result? Also, any recommendations for implementing this with a real time system? If I...
  4. Gary Mac

    Flight Computers: Accelerometers vs Barometric Sensors

    I've got some experience with the basic eggtimer flight computer, which I understand is a barometric sensor based flight computer. I'm now working towards my L3 and needing to invest in a 2nd flight computer to meet the redundancy requirements. I've heard that for an L3-cert level flight...