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  1. JERRYR708

    Anyone try this...?

    Launch a rocket with a camera attached and immediately launch a second rocket. The first rocket would capture the second rocket being launched and ascending toward the camera and capturing it's apogee from above. Then watching the descent and looking down on top of the parachute of the second...
  2. JERRYR708

    Magician 808 Camera side mounted

    I tried something different this time by mounting the 808 camera sideways. The Magician was launched with a D12-5 engine on a 2 payload flight: Estes Altimeter and 808 camera. A previous flight with camera pointing down with less drag was 655 ft. With the camera mounted sideways, it added a lot...
  3. JERRYR708

    Estes Magician 808 Camera / Altimeter

    Estes Magician rocket flown 3 times at Lucerne dry lake ca. Payloads include #808 camera and Estes Altimeter Estes E9-6 and D12-5 engines were used to compare the flights. The ground camera used was a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS The last flight was at ROCStock on 13 June 2015