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  1. Cameron Anderson

    CTI case use post-ballistic crash

    At BALLS this weekend I had a rocket come in ballistic from 25,000 feet. At impact, the upper air frame was reduced to rubble, smashing rearward towards the CTI 54mm 6XL case. It looks like the lower avionics bay eye bolt and drogue quick link dented the forward end of the case. There are three...
  2. J

    SOLD Collection, Motor Casings 29/38/54

    *this post is a "work in progress" so i will be editing it with new info for probably the first week its up* This is my late fathers collection. We both enjoy this hobby many years ago and I do not have plans of continuing with it. With that being said, I'm here to sell this collection as a...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Scratch build thread - 2.2" three stage

    Cold weather has forced me indoors for the winter to build. I got all my parts for my 3 stage last week. All airframe, couplers, anf bulkplates are from PML. Hardware is from Ace Hardware. My goal is to create a modular system around 54mm airframe with interchangeable electronics bays and...
  4. Cameron Anderson

    Experiences with 2.6" Madcow Blue Iguana?

    I'm looking at picking up this kit for my primary 54mm motor mount flyer...anyone experience with this kit specifically?