54 mm rms

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  1. whiskeyBear326

    Sold Aerotech 54mm RMS Hardware

    I've been out of the hobby for a while and don't see myself investing in a Level 2 build at any point in the near future so I'm looking to clear out a few things including the 54mm RMS motor hardware I've got. There's been some interest in me piecing this out, so let's go with this. - (1 Sold)...
  2. JDcluster

    Loc Magnum 54-6-29

    I've thought I would do more of an old school Magnum cluster. It was a Magnum 3E but with a different motor mount. As the title says; 1 core 54 mm and 6 x 29 mm outboards. The motor tube it came with was a little shorter than I had hoped 17" I replaced it with a 21" PML tube.