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  1. R

    Recovery using Lifting-Body Design

    Please note, I will be posting information on this project when I have more information. Please don't respond to this thread at this time. Thank you. Richard I want to develop a small lifting body design. Initially balloon or rocket lifted during development and controlled to...
  2. Culprit

    Chocolate Rocket

    This scratch build began with my son taking a knife to a Nerf football and stuffing it into a Tootsie Roll tube coin bank - a small one. He brought it to breakfast and told me he wanted to turn it into the Chocolate Rocket. He sourced some tube fins from the Rolo candy cane tubes you see at...
  3. Culprit

    Gorilla Glue "Snot Rocket"

    My Gorilla Glue "Snot Rocket" recently made its first flight! The idea was simple - I was changing a caulk tube in my caulk gun one day and thought the business end looked like a ram-jet. From that moment, I knew I had to see one fly. I headed to Lowe's looking for a tube that had a screw...
  4. snrkl

    3D Printing CAD files for Eggfinder Mini, EggTimer Quantum and RRC3

    Team - long time to chat.. life gets in the way, yadda yadda... I finally bit, and bought myself a 3d printer, so I am working on lots of CAD fun with Fusion 360.. I am looking to make some sleds for my Eggfinder Minis, Eggtimer Quantum's and RRC3.. Here's the ask: does anyone have decent 3d...
  5. vcp

    3D Printing Anycubic Photon Users (+other SLA's?)

    So I know that there are at least a couple of other Photon users on TRF. I've bought one and have it sitting here, but haven't even plugged it in yet. So many questions, and years of FDM printing experience don't seem to apply much. I know there's a Photon group on Facebook, and I've gotten a...
  6. OverTheTop

    3D Printing 4" Bulkhead CAD Model

    This bulkhead suits 4" fiberglass coupler. Has provision for a 3pin and 4pin JST XH connector for providing battery charging. Also provision for an o-ring to seal ejection charges from getting past. This one was printed in resin on a Formlab 2. Watch out for dimensional changes...
  7. ReconRocketman

    3D Printing Is Electroplating too much metal?

    I know were not supposed to use "any significant metal parts" but i have been experimenting with electroplating nickle to ABS plastic. i was wondering if I were to plate nickle to the payload section for increased durability if this would violate the safety rules? the plated section would house...
  8. Bill Hanson

    3D Printing Just installed a Micro Swiss hotend -- fan question

    Finally got some downtime between projects and have installed a new Micro Swiss all-metal hotend for my Ender 3 Pro. (also switched to Capricorn tubing) The install was pretty straightforward, and I followed the video instructions on the Micro Swiss website. I had to adjust the z-stop slightly...
  9. Bill Hanson

    3D Printing Good alternatives to Hatchbox PLA?

    I was going to buy some new Hatchbox PLA and see that Amazon was out of most of the colors (including the two I was looking for, of course). The Hatchbox site also shows much of their stuff as unavailable. I'm not sure what the issue is here, or if this is a long-term thing. Does anyone...
  10. Bill Hanson

    3D Printing X-sled for 3" and 4" rockets

    Inspired by https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/av-sled-first-printing-project-feedback-appreciated.151171/, I thought I would make a "plain" X-shaped avionics sled. No customization here, just a blank canvas for all your electronics and batteries. Sized for both 3" and 4" bays. These...
  11. cwbullet

    3D Printing 3D Printing Wall of Shame

    Ok, This is self-descriptive. Post your worst failed print.
  12. kramer714

    3D Printing 98 mm av bay.

    3d printed av bay - 98 mm dual perfectflite. STATS - Printer - Printed on Panowin F1 Material - PETG (Matterhackers) Temps - nozzle 247C bed 70C Attachements - holes molded in place - tapped to #2 and #4 without inserts. Note these are machine threads not wood threads. The Av bay works by...
  13. Landru

    Additive Aerospace 38mm (~1.6") Fin Cans now available!

    38mm fin cans are now officially back into production! The latest generation cans are made from PET, and available in 3 and 4 fin configurations, with weights as low as 62g! These cans will have no trouble breaking Mach, and have been proven up to ~M1.4 with lots of room to spare. Currently...