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  1. deadalus52

    3D printed fin "mounts" in a level 3 cert rocket

    I'm in the design phase of my level 3 certification. The base airframe will be a LOC Bruiser EXP. Unfortunately, I think my kit was a mixed bag between versions which means my fin situation looks like this: This obviously isn't ideal. Now, I do have a 3D printer, and the obvious solution to me...
  2. TimothyAReed

    LOC Precision AMRAAM AIM 120C Build Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to document the building of a LOC Precision AMRAAM AIM 120C kit for my Level Two High Power Certification. There does not seem to be a build thread of this rocket already on the forum; I hope to fill that knowledge gap. All input/tips/tricks regarding this build are...
  3. dr wogz

    3D Printing slicer software preference (vote!)

    What slicer software do you use? Do you like it? Don't like it? What do you like / don't like about it? We're about to get Simplify3D for eh department. It came bundled with our Printer (Fusion3 306). But we have been warned about version 4.1.X not playing nicely with our printer..
  4. cwbullet

    3D Printing Yet Another Switch Design

    Ok, My son designed this after I gave him my specs. I wanted on that used 4-40 nuts and 4-40 - 1/2" screws. The final product is the last image. The demo one print wrong but you can use ti to visualize the nuts. I printed the print around the nuts (added them during the process. Printed...
  5. cwbullet

    3D Printing Geckotek Print Sheet

    Geckotek Print Sheet Preparation: cleaned before printing with IPA Printer: Prusa I3 MK3 Filament: Hatchbox Black PLA , PETG. Prusa PETG, PLA. Makerbot ABS. Taulman Nylon. Adhesion: 8.7 out of 10. Easily removed test (1x2 inch RECTANGLE) for all but PETG. PETG was a little too...