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  1. frogglicker

    Scratch Build - Upscaled 3-in "Menace-3D"

    Intro: Over on another thread in the 3D Printing section, there's a friendly competition going on: TRF Challenge #1: Estes Menace and I thought this would be a great opportunity to push myself to learn more Fusion 360. I started back in March 2023 to 3D print small parts, and started...
  2. J

    3D Printing Loc Precision 7.6 Removable Nose Weight System

    I finally posted my version of the Loc Precision 7.5 removable nose weight system onto Printables. Linked here. It's a reusable cartridge system utilizing 3D printing. Full details on the Printables link. Couple images for quick summary of what it is. All the different parts thread into...
  3. INFX_TryHard

    Astrorizzicist - My attempt at a mostly 3D printed L2 capable rocket

    Intro I am sharing my progress on a mostly 3D-printed rocket design I started in March of this year. I started the design after losing my first level 2 attempt to the field. The overall goal of this project is to use this for my level 2 flight eventually, and possibly a 2-stage flight in the...
  4. Velocity Aerospace

    3D Printing Printing help!

    I don't know what happened, my printer was turning out some pretty nice prints. I have an ender 3 pro. But lately, it's been dropping the ball. It'll start out ok, but then just stop extruding for a second, leading to some real bad prints. Any advice? I've messed with the temp settings, layer...
  5. D

    3D Printing 3D Model of Eggtimer Quasar Rev G3

    I couldn't find any models of the Eggtimer Quasar G3 so I decided to make my own for designing a 3d printed e-bay. Feel free to use it for yourself: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6093364
  6. Ralph M Bohm

    Xoss GPS Trackers, anyone use one?

    Hello all, Has anyone used a Xoss GPS tracker? I've received mine and looking for a 3D-printed mount and thought maybe someone has already made one for it. Ralph
  7. kramer714

    3D Printing Annealing Fin Can Sous Vide

    For day job stuff, we frequently anneal 3d printed parts (plus stress relive machined aluminum, heat treating formed parts etc...). For rocket stuff, things like fins I anneal, I never bothered to do it with av bay stuff, or drill jigs. I have annealed using an oven and even used the dark car...
  8. kramer714

    Disposable Motor Adapter - DMA

    At one point I had 3 motor adapters from 29mm to 38mm, packing up my range box, I'm now down to one. I started thinking about it, yeah there was that launch were someone borrowed one for his Level 1 attempt...I never remember getting it back. Shame on me for being helpful... I decided to make...
  9. ROhmen

    3D Printing Replacing Rare Nosecones And Parts With 3D Printed Parts

    As a modest collector of older, rarer rockets, I was delighted to discover and purchase an Estes Stealth. It’s unusual in that a) it’s got a blow-molded, non-symmetrical, canopied nose cone, used in nothing else, b) it has a formed body that fits over a BT-50 body tube, and c) it was only...
  10. CameronMakesRockets

    3D Printing 3D Printed Motor Mount(s)

    Hello all! I recently got into rocketry and have enjoyed every moment it so far! While I was building a few rocket kits, I began thinking of ways to make some of the components with a 3D printer, especially parts that can easily be replaced, like motor mounts! Here in this image, I have a...
  11. Another BP Funnel - Time Lapse

    Another BP Funnel - Time Lapse

    Another BP Funnel - Time Lapse PLA Dark Blue: https://amzn.to/35uW2ZJ
  12. MX Missile Nosecone thin 0 15mm ABS MK3S 3h4m 20200705023343

    MX Missile Nosecone thin 0 15mm ABS MK3S 3h4m 20200705023343

    Estes MX Missile Nose Cone Printing
  13. deadalus52

    3D printed fin "mounts" in a level 3 cert rocket

    I'm in the design phase of my level 3 certification. The base airframe will be a LOC Bruiser EXP. Unfortunately, I think my kit was a mixed bag between versions which means my fin situation looks like this: This obviously isn't ideal. Now, I do have a 3D printer, and the obvious solution to me...
  14. Gunstar

    BT-80 Der Red Max Nose Cone - 3D printer file found

    For those of you wanting to make a BT-80 der Red Max, there is a file on thiniverse to print the nosecone. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3073567 You will need to scale the print up 158.82% to resize it from BT-60 to BT-80. I haven't tested this yet, but thought some of you would like to...
  15. Jose Saura

    3D Printing Suggestions for testing 3D printed parts

    This thread is for gathering suggestions on how to evaluate the strength of 3D printed components before flying. For example, how do you ensure a fincan can sustain the forces of a given motor, that the nose cone won't shatter, that the fins won't break upon landing or the shock cord won't...
  16. P

    3D Printing Aerotech RMS Wrench

    I designed a printable aft closure wrench for the Aerotech Hobby Line reloadable motors, like the one that AT sells but with a longer handle for better leverage and grip. I have not used it yet, although my 29/40-120 case is arriving later today so I will likely use it soon. You can download it...
  17. Seyhun Gültekin

    3D Printing Von karman nose cone

    Hello everyone, Well ı want to produce 10 cm diameter 3:1 von karman nose cone and ı set equations but dont idea how to apply in solidworks/catia can anybody help me to make in cad program? And ı heard about von karman nose cones is too Hard to produce with 3d printer cause cant giving to shape...
  18. cwbullet

    3D Printing Nose Cones by CWBULLET

    I am starting this thread to see which nose cones you want to see a file developed for printing. Which kit do you want to build that OOP. I will develop the file and post it in multiple sizes. Post your requests and like the thread if you want it to continue.
  19. georgegassaway

    3D Printing "Today's 3D Print" , Chris Taylor's youtube channel

    Some of you may know Chris Taylor for the rockets he's flown, and for his NARAMLIVE.com and RocketryLive.com websites where he has posted daily photos and videos while attending various hobby rocketry events. Anyway, the last few years, Chris has gotten into doing 3D printing. I first saw him...