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  1. IMG_20240302_163019735_HDR.jpg


    Estes Viking with 6 fins
  2. Spitfire222

    Estes Xtreme Build Thread

    I picked up two of these kits from AC Supply, and I figured I'd do a quick build thread for this new rocket so others can see what the kit is like. There's nothing too special about this kit, it's basically a Hi-Flier, but for once I'm going to (mostly) build this one stock! I'll probably...
  3. lowga

    SBR New LPR Kits (Lil Honest John )

    Great news for fans of America's first nuclear-capable missile: Scott Binder not only upgraded his 4/5.5" Honest John kit with a even more detailed nose cone, he also created a new line of 18mm low-power kits that mirror his larger models. Among these is the "Lil Honest John" and the detailing...
  4. TeslaPenguin1

    (SOLVED) Are there any plugged 18mm Motors?

    I am building a linear-3 cluster rocket. The two side engines are 18mm (A/B/C) but the center is a single 24mm (D/E) motor. I only want the ejection charge on the center motor to fire. Are there any 18mm motors without a delay charge? (I know that the -0 motors don't have a delay charge, but I...