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  1. trogdor

    Cheap scale

    Been a long time since I've been here but thinking about rockets again and while searching for a deal on a PC happened to run across this: http://www.meritline.com/leddisplaypocketscale-giftbox.html 10 bucks for a digital scale seems pretty good especially since mine cost 80 about 5 years...
  2. trogdor

    Optima/Shadow Clone

    From death comes life... I just retired my 10 year old Shadow after an E11-5 bonus delay caused a lawn dart so nice I had a nose cone in 25 pieces and accordion down to stuffer tube but kinks everywhere... It was its time though, the LONG heavy duty stuffer tube was collapsing from all the...
  3. trogdor

    Launch Pad Plan Packs

    Yep. I have the SA-2, Hercules and RIM67A plan paks which I bought a few years ago from performance hobbies. Here's a list from their website back in 2000 or so.... Launch Pad Plan-Paks . About Launch Pad Plan-Paks GUIDELINE SA-2 12.95 NIKE HERCULES 14.95 SCIMITAR 12.95...
  4. trogdor

    How Does A Motor Burn??

    Here's a cool old DOS program that animates the whole thing and describes motors in general... may run fast even on glacial speed on a modern PC but worth a look.
  5. trogdor

    R/C Yachts

    I am heavily into RC Airplanes but one site I frequent is ALL RC so you'll find boat and sailing forums there.. rcuniverse.com good for a start...
  6. trogdor

    24mm Fat Boy

    Husky Boy is the new name... :)
  7. trogdor

    Wadding Collection

    HAHAH, you know, in some kind of way I've done the same thing. When I got back into rockets as an adult in the early 90s, I got my parents to send me all my old stuff from the 70s and early 80s. When I opened my old "range box" there was an Estes wadding bag with a half used roll of toilet paper...
  8. trogdor

    Your first rocket kit.

    As a kid in 1978 or 79 I got an Alpha 3 starter set. Lost it on the third flight that first day when dad wanted to see it go on a C with a very low cloud ceiling! When returning to the hobby in the early 90s I again got an Alpha 3 starter set.
  9. trogdor

    Why Aren't Their Any RTF/ARTF Mid-Power Rockets?

    whoa, to approach the complexity of the non-trainer turbine model, I think you'd need a clustered, level 3 multistage rocket with dual deployment, tracking and video cameras! Here's a neat video: http://www.teamrcpilot.com/vids/jetcrash.mpg I do think the true MPR F and G motor model is...
  10. trogdor

    Why Aren't Their Any RTF/ARTF Mid-Power Rockets?

    I don't think an MPR rocket in the hands of a total noob is any more dangerous than a 40 size plug-and-play plane would be, yet those planes are selling right now. I just think it comes down to money. There's 10 (or 50 or more?) times as many RC people as rocket people and with a moderate...
  11. trogdor

    Closest to 320 N-sec

    oops, you are right, didn't do that last x2 in my head...
  12. trogdor

    Closest to 320 N-sec

    I got that data from the 2006 Aerotech catalog. I do remember the G80 and G40 having more impulse, didn't they shrink the cases a tad to fit in motor mounts better awhile back?? I did mention the overall weight limit and implied the G motor max in the level 0 flyer statement but now that I...
  13. trogdor

    Closest to 320 N-sec

    Looks like you're pretty close AND creative! Hmmm, could we also add a micromaxx... and maybe a couple parallel staged estes solar igniters?! :)
  14. trogdor

    Closest to 320 N-sec

    So I've been wondering about the various limitations placed on an uncertified (level 0) flyer at a NAR launch. What is the maximum total impulse possible while staying within all boundaries set by all rulemaking entities? Let's assume an adult flyer (age 18+) using commonly available and...
  15. trogdor

    Getting back into rockets

    Hello folks. I remember a number of the names I've seen while lurking the past couple weeks and its good to see the community thriving. It's been awhile since I've been actively into this board and rockets in general but I guess I just couldn't stay away for more than a couple years. I've been...
  16. trogdor

    Estes V-2 Mods for use with F engines

    Chuck that dowel with the sandpapered engine casing in a drill to make short work of it...
  17. trogdor


    astronboy and I have apparently taken that same long runny road to learning to paint light coats! Really that's the main thing, all the careful prep in the world won't matter at all if you drench the rocket in paint... the smooth constant motion light coat that you should probably still be able...
  18. trogdor

    Chinese Shenzhou V Spacecraft

    I just saw video on CNN of the launch and it was very impressive. It's exciting in many ways, particularly if the Chinese continue to follow through with their plans to get to the moon and set up a colony by 2020. Could be another space race which would only help non-military aerospace, our...
  19. trogdor

    Length of shock cord?

    This thread is heading in a direction that makes me want to propose a new NAR competition. Chute Altitude after Rocket Touchdown. CART. :)
  20. trogdor

    Big Viking, yet another scratch

    Wasn't that one of those "and YOU choose how many fins to attach using the enclosed selection of 5!" I like that one... upscale clones are that multiple better than the originals, in my opinion.