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  1. Trident

    What was the deal with Estes Big Daddy nose cones?

    I’m building my first Big Daddy now. I “JB Welded” a thin plywood bulkhead to the base of the nose cone. Pulling on it shows no signs of it flexing the plastic, it’s solid. I did hold the shoulder base up to my disk sander to remove a bit of plastic since it was ever-so-slightly convex. It did...
  2. Trident

    When (if) to go to rails?

    When I first ordered the micro and mini buttons a few years ago, I put micros on an Estes V-2 (BT-80) to test just how big of a rocket could be used with them. Worked just fine. My dividing line is roughly BT-55 tube and smaller for micros on the MakerBeam rail, and anything larger (BT-60 and...
  3. Trident

    When (if) to go to rails?

    I started using them on a lot of small rockets. Sometimes its impossible (like the internal lug on a Mars Lander), but it also means you can add your rail buttons after painting. I drill the holes prior to painting. And I’ve also added them after painting ... not as disastrous as adding a lug...
  4. Trident

    Shop Mom n Pop

    Yes, its a scratch-built using BT-60 main tube. Here it is next to a standard OT (wearing green decals). Cutting all that basswood, and balsa on glider, by hand, was really fun! Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Trident

    Shop Mom n Pop

    Very good idea. And that applies to all the little rocketry vendors, too. I just placed an order for more rail buttons with rail-buttons.com I switched to micro and mini buttons for most of my small to mid-sized rockets about two years ago. They just introduced new one-piece minis and 1010...
  6. Trident

    Estes Pershing 1A Clone

    Leo, I just saw a link to this post, from someone on “the other forum”. Your parts look great. I’ll be anxious to hear reports on flight testing, someday. :)
  7. Trident

    Drill Press as Lathe

    You probably should glue a dowel into your block of balsa or basswood, so you get no movement of the wood on your “mandrel”. You are undoubtedly getting wobble. A drill press makes a lousy lathe, but if you do everything to minimize slop, you can get pretty realso nable turnings. I bought a...
  8. Trident


    The change of tube placement is subtle. I didn’t notice! I have a couple more Outlander kits, so I may do one like that. I’ll try to edit down a video of my Mars Lander so it can be uploaded. Impressive on a D13 reload.
  9. Trident

    Spiral filling experiment

    The Bondo Spot and Glazing Putty will crack if put on too thick. I don’t use it for filling seams. (I’m lazy and just fill them up with primer coats.) But I do use it for touching up fillets, for filling in small voids or to even things up.
  10. Trident


    Here are my landers. I’ve flown the Mars Lander twice on the 18/20 RMS with D13 reload. Really screams off the pad. I modified the Outlander for 24mm but have never flown it. It has also been modified with add-on styrene bits. Decals by Tango Papa. I plan to fly it this year. At my age...
  11. Trident

    Spiral filling experiment

    I too like the Rustoleum 2-in-1 Filler and Sandable Primer. I’ve found it on sale for a little over $3 per can on Walmart.com. Free shipping to your store, too. I’ve not checked in a few months since I bought 6 cans the last time. The prices can vary so you have to monitor the site for when...
  12. Trident

    FYI: Stickershock is [NOT] closed...

    Tango Papa Decals (Tom Prestia) does beautiful work. He travels a lot, so be patient getting ahold of him. He did custom decals for my Super Orbital Transport.
  13. Trident

    Stumped: How to Stop Oil-Based Enamel From Yellowing

    I started using the Krylon UV-Resistant Acrylic Clears about 6 years ago. Very pleased with my “long term tests” so far. No yellowing whatsoever. I am also a fan of the Rustoleum 2X spray paints. Back about 20 years or so I used the Krylon Interior-Exterior spray paints. When Krylon changed...
  14. Trident

    Estes Interceptor re-release

    I flew my Interceptor-E at NARAM-60 on an F24W reload. Great flight. I have 7 more of them, and a few less of the standard 1250 models (in a moment of weakness I gave a couple away. :rolleyes:). Why so many? I never had an original. When they came out about 10 years ago I stocked up. :D
  15. Trident

    Show us your Stickershock!!! Looking for photos with Stickershock23 vinyl

    I need to visit this thread more often. There are some really amazing examples of Mark’s creativity. I’ve just started using vinyl, and want to use it for more of my projects.
  16. Trident

    Show us your Stickershock!!! Looking for photos with Stickershock23 vinyl

    Der Saturn Max ... From an alternate universe, where Germany won the war, and Werner Von Braun’s crazy twin designed Germany’s moon rocket ... This model of the infamous DSM sits, awaiting transportation to Pueblo, Colorado for liftoff at NARAM-2018 in August. Special DSM vinyl by Stickershock.
  17. Trident

    Estes #7266 Red Nova Build

    I finally finished my Red Nova. I really like this kit. This was months in the making. We finally got nice weather for painting.
  18. Trident

    Where to get ematches?

    I just bought mine off eBay. The seller was “chinastageeffects”, as I recall. 62 for $8.50, free shipping. I have not used yet, but fired one, nice flame for a second or so. These were referral from someone that has used them a lot for BP clusters. They’ll fit in a D/E/F nozzle. I first...
  19. Trident

    E12-0s blow up

    I just bought my first E12 motors. Our Hobby Lobby now has the E12-6. I am nervously anticipating my first use of them! :)
  20. Trident

    AeroTech Open Thread

    The new loads are listed on Aerotech website, but still not showing up on any dealer pages. There is a New Blue Thunder, a Black Max, and a Redline. I’ve been checking every few days. I had hoped to get some at NSL last May but no luck due to testing delays.