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  1. jef955

    7.5" nosecone/bt fitment issue, help/ideas

    I agree tape is a mess. I don't like tape. I had the EXACT same problem with a LOC Doorknob. I took pieces of fiberglass about the same length as the shoulder of the nose cone, about 6" long and laid them around the interior of the body tube a section at a time with finishing epoxy, until I got...
  2. jef955

    Contact info for Ed Pearson and/or Alan Williams

    I see both of them regularly - I saw them tonight actually. Send me a PM if needed, be glad to help..
  3. jef955

    LOC Doorknob Question

    Yeah, more than enough room.. I didn't cut or shift anything and still had plenty of space..
  4. jef955

    LOC Doorknob Question

    And I also fly with MDRA, didn't make it this weekend though - damn Bronchitis!
  5. jef955

    LOC Doorknob Question

    Balsa Bob what size chute did you use ? I used a 72" liftoff weight 152 ounces... I considered cutting to 60, but I popped a fin fillet when a gust of wind kinda picked it up just before it touched down. To the OP - I set my centering ring 1/4 inch or so below tge end of the motor mount tube...
  6. jef955

    LOC Doorknob Question

    I love the Doorknob.. I flew mine on a J350w for my Level 2..
  7. jef955

    Government Regulation of RC Airplanes, Drones .... and US????

    Amen ! Sorry, but I couldn't agree more with Mark...
  8. jef955

    Aerotech warranty service A++

    +1 Karl has taken good care of me more than once ! :clap:
  9. jef955

    Aerotech RMS Hardware 29mm (60, 100, 120)

    You still have the 60,100 and 120 cases by chance ?
  10. jef955

    Retrofitting rail buttons

    8/32 nut inside the body tube. Blob of JB weld inside, levels out nicely and smooths out evenly when cured. Makes them easy to replace too !
  11. jef955

    G138T Blistered Case

    I have had this happen once.. Unfortunately ended up losing the rocket, but they promptly replaced the case and the motor - also a G138. Burned through the case wall about 1/2 an inch below the forward closure threads.
  12. jef955

    New Kits from Performance Hobbies

    I guess everyone ordered motors this year !
  13. jef955

    New Kits from Performance Hobbies

    Anyone else still waiting on back ordered 29mm Aerotech stuff ? Hopefully Kens not buried alive in orders !
  14. jef955

    Mega Red Max tube

    LOC tubing is perfect with the Mega Red max nose cone - I used it for an upscale Estes Hornet after a Cato with my Mega Red..
  15. jef955

    How to best smooth this plastic Estes nose cone?

    You can also use a razor blade to scrape along that seam, sand to 220, then prime and sand. Usually goes pretty quick, and works pretty well!
  16. jef955


    Through the wall fins are well worth the minimal extra weight, with the increased strength they provide in the joint. Everything I build anymore that's the only way I do it. I don't care if it adds 3 ounces. Build what you like, how you like, and enjoy the hell out of that bigger motor you'll...
  17. jef955

    AlphaFire 1Q for wireless launcher [now with more pics]

    PM me your address etc,,
  18. jef955

    AlphaFire 1Q for wireless launcher [now with more pics]

    I just came back to this.. If there's no problem mailing Copperheads (I can't remember) I'll be glad to send you 6 or so to play with..
  19. jef955

    AlphaFire 1Q for wireless launcher [now with more pics]

    I don't care for them either, but a guy from my club gave me a ton of them - at least 100. All them Firstfire Jr's going to the bank ! (Bank of rocketry hoarding that is;)
  20. jef955

    AlphaFire 1Q for wireless launcher [now with more pics]

    Aerotech advises 12 VDC at 3 amps for the Copperhead to work properly. Is your battery fully charged (and is it 12 or 6 volts)? I have used a lot of those with 30-40 feet of wire and they (your battery-if it's 12 Volts) light everything no problem. If your battery is indeed 6 volts (although it...