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    Two x Estes Epic II, My First Kitbash.

    I’ve had luck papering fins by putting down a drop of wood glue then spreading it really thin with a plastic razor blade and wiping away the excess glue. Once I lay the paper I smooth out the paper on the fin with another clean plastic razor blade.
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    DiaLFonZo - BeG or Staples Rocket - Build

    It looks badass I think you should throw stuff up and see what sticks. I think that with an 18mm motor and a launch space that’s not inside an elementary school classroom you can feel free to push the boundaries a bit.
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    DiaLFonZo - BeG or Staples Rocket - Build

    Could you not skeletonize the tube section of your motor mount and reduce weight that way? The tubular section the engine slides into doesn’t need to completely solid to do its job. The mount looks like a really great design!
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    Thanks for taking the time to look at the post and giving analysis. That makes perfect sense and thinking back I remember thinking the engine felt a little tighter than usual when sliding into the motor mount. I’ve just been lucky up to this point to not have it happen to me! Funny thing was I...
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    First test with my altimeter on a E12-4. It blew the ejection charge right off the pad and shredded my chute and shock cord and melted some of the exterior paint. Never had one do this but I’m still relatively new. Good news is the altimeter worked and we recovered it with a reading of 115 feet...
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    Flew a Saturn V Today :)

    Great launch! It’s torrential rain in ky wish I was launching today too.
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    Estes gives you the chance to bring one rocket back. What would it be?

    This!! I scratch my head wondering why we live in the age of tiny digital cameras for cheap and Estes doesn’t have a kit to accommodate video! Estes doesn’t have to manufacture video cameras just make a nice kit to accommodate one! The 808 is ubiquitous among rocket hobbyist and could easily be...
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    DiaLFonZo - Estes Big Daddy - Build

    That kicks ass! Great design and execution. I keep contemplating doing a big daddy build with an alternate paint scheme as the suggested one on the face card looks very mid 90’s lame. Your design looks like a v2 camo scheme for the modern age. Congrats!
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    Would a spill hole on the standard chute be enough to keep it reasonable?
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    Lol I dig the kitty clock it was my wife’s idea
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    I’m psyched to send it up on an E12-4. It was a great kit that’s why I wanted to spruce it up a little. I spent almost as much on the decals as the kit cost because I wanted to do it justice. This was my first build where I broke significantly from the face card scheme. I’ll try and follow up...
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    Hobby Lobby Super Deal

    Hobby Lobby is the only brick and mortar in my town that carries rocketry supplies but I’ve noticed even without sales they are always cheaper than Amazon on any item they both happen to carry. I was excited to pick up the citation patriot for $15 as opposed to $23 on Amazon.
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    Thanks! Glad to be here it’s a great resource with lots of supportive folks.
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    Awesome, I’m glad to hear that! This will be my first build using an altimeter. I didn’t have the heart to punch holes in my other builds and being new didn’t realize that was required to get accurate measurements. Thanks again for the insight!
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    Lol upon reflection it looks like your exactly right! Although, a google search shows it looks like a common mistake. I hope the altimeter in the payload section will balance it out.
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

    Sorry I’m a noob to posting on a forum and only have a smartphone. This is my Estes magician I just completed. I really like the Magician kit but the face card paint scheme and the decals are kinda lame in my opinion. I just blended some elements of the Nike Smoke and Nike Apache to make the...
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    Estes magic Apache smoke

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    Semroc Ruskie and Centuri Hornet added to fleet

    Beautiful builds! The paint looks outstanding on both builds!
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    Gorilla glue clear grip

    After research I think the clear grip and e6000 are essentially the same product. I’ve had great success with it too. I mount fins and and engine block and mounts with it as well as the shock cord. I use wood glue to make fillets and paper fins but I’m far too impatient to mount fins with it...
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    24MM New Estes Citation Patriot build

    Awesome build! Did you have to put any weight in the nose when switching to 24mm? I just built a citation patriot per instructions but I think a D would be awesome for this rocket. I was surprised with how heavy this rocket seems when I was done building.