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  1. Dave A

    Another one bites the dust.....

    Same with drag racing!
  2. Dave A

    CTI Discussion Thread

    Thank you for the new thread on CTI. I started flying CTI motors in 2005. Bought a lot of the Classic and Smokey sam Pro38s at that time, still have a few that still work great. I really like the cross compatibility of the Pro75 and Pro98 lines.
  3. Dave A

    3D Printing Welcome to the Jungle

    I checked, they are just about sold out! Out of all the printers they only have 2 models available and the BL touch is sold out too.
  4. Dave A

    3D Printing Welcome to the Jungle

    Great idea, my great uncle Stanley Dzik was on the board many years ago. He wrote a book on helicopter engineering.
  5. Dave A

    3D Printing Welcome to the Jungle

    Is TinkerCAD a decent starting design program?
  6. Dave A

    3D Printing Welcome to the Jungle

    Chuck, How about the Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer? No Prusa minis anywhere, could be late as August.
  7. Dave A

    3D Printing Welcome to the Jungle

    What do you recommend as a start machine for the beginner to learn Also, what would be an advanced one at under $1,000?
  8. Dave A

    V2 Rockets, why didnt they use solid fuel propellents?

    There was no real development of reliable, large solid motors that could lift that tonnage and go that far across the channel. Certainly no solid motor technology of that time could work with the guidance system it had either. In a very horrible irony, more Jewish slaves died of accidents and...
  9. Dave A

    Show Off Your Spray Booth!

    My Paint booth: -Old Habor Freight MC lift, great for working on big rockets, this booster is over 6' long. - Theres a 30" wide storage shelf running down the center of the shop for tubes, rockets, etc -I had built a box under the shelf to house led recessed lights to see better. It's got hooks...
  10. Dave A

    How Did You Get Into Rocketry?

    My brother was doing Centuri on steroids in 1965. Then he went to college and didn't touch them until 35 years later. I started around age 8 or 9. At 10 I made my own launchpad and launch system with a light switch and a doorbell button. We became BARs around '98, we saw a damn 8' rocket on the...
  11. Dave A

    Slightly Crooked Motor tube, now can't get casing in

    That's why I keep a drawer full of 80 and 120 grit flapper wheels. Moisture and not exact tolerances of tubes is a constant fight. I've even found some PML couplers won't slide in their own size airframes. Secondly, if you don't need it for airframe strength, motor tubes don't need to be the...
  12. Dave A

    cleaning off amine blush (epoxy)

    I scrub them with denatured alcohol and work fine.
  13. Dave A

    CANCELLED MDRA's Red Glare XXI April 3-5 at Higgs Farm

    I built one out of a FedEX triangle long box years ago.
  14. Dave A

    Working with Long Rockets & Allthreads

    I build them starting at one end and work my way down. I lay out CR locations for rail buttons, fins,etc . This one has central 4", 8- 38mm outboards. I'm running nuts up and a down a lot.
  15. Dave A

    Working with Long Rockets & Allthreads

    I got tired of running nuts up and down rods, usually 4 sets to do or more. I made this simple tool anyone can make in less the 15 min. You need the following: -3/8" socket driver bit for your battery drill. -12" of 1/2" cpvc pipe -24" or longer of 1/2" copper pipe. -1/2" deep-well socket, 3/8"...
  16. Dave A

    This forum has changed...

    It's like every other forum or social media. There are a just a few, that typically cannot accept you have an opinion that doesn't agree with their own. I've seen these same folks go over to the "Unofficial" forum and spew profanity-laced responses to another's opinion. My wife always says "...
  17. Dave A

    I am getting a Tesla

    We bought a rental home in FL a few years ago I thought of having solar panels installed and build my own powerwall and add a small generator. Unfortunately, Fl Power spends millions lobbying against residential solar power. As I understand you can only get solar systems installed by a utility...
  18. Dave A

    Cutting Centering Rings

    I use a cheap Ryobi router, 1/4"bit and a Jasper cutting jig. Double-side tape plywood down to a base sheet of plywood. Perfect cuts, everytime.
  19. Dave A

    Scratch Building a L3-class rocket with outboard motors

    I buy all my ply from Woodcraft Store. I pick out sheets that are straight, obviously.
  20. Dave A

    Call for online civility!

    Since my first access to an old bulletin boards in the early nineties I discovered a universal rule and I adopted a new one: 1) God must love stupid people because he made a lot of them. 2) I would NEVER say anything on a forum, social media, etc. that I wouldn't say to you in person. It's easy...