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  1. GregGleason

    3' vs 4' launch rod

    Here is a liftoff shot of my rail rig.
  2. GregGleason

    3' vs 4' launch rod

    I use OpenBeam 1515 for modrocs. I have a 6' rail. Amazing straight flights. I use small nylon screws as the rail buttons. It is 15mm x 15mm. https://www.makerbeam.com/openbeam/openbeam-15x15mm-profile-lengths-anodised-in-black/ Greg
  3. GregGleason

    3' vs 4' launch rod

    Yes. It's slightly heavier. And has a longer arm to whip when a bending moment is applied. The problem is more pronounced on larger diameter rockets (nozzle to rod distance: closer is better). Tool steel is a bit stiffer than stainless and carbon steel (modulus of elasticity). Tool steels...
  4. GregGleason

    Chip Brush Alternatives for Fiberglassing?

    Any brand of foam roller will do? Greg
  5. GregGleason

    Chip Brush Alternatives for Fiberglassing?

    Yes, that's sounds like a good idea. It just bugs me when I see a bristle under what would have been a pretty good layup. Greg
  6. GregGleason

    Chip Brush Alternatives for Fiberglassing?

    Hmmmmm. That's sounds like a really good (and cheap) idea. Thanks. Greg
  7. GregGleason

    Chip Brush Alternatives for Fiberglassing?

    Using cheap chip brushes often leaves "dead" bristles when I fiberglass. Has anyone found an alternative that they like instead? Greg
  8. GregGleason

    Some Cold War v1.0 images from a great blog

    About the pilot with "FITZ" on his helmet (pic 3 from the top, w/ caption "I'll take it.": https://www.airspacemag.com/daily-planet-history-flight/meet-fitz-fulton-180947760/ Greg
  9. GregGleason

    Newbie question - rocket casings

    Wow. I did not know that was him. Thanks. Greg
  10. GregGleason

    Aerotech RMS Safety

    Can you static fire the motor? My "guess" it will either pass/fail. That said, the crease is more the worry than the out of round (though that's not that insignificant). The crease probably has some tiny fractures in it and is now going to be a weak point in the case. It may never fail on...
  11. GregGleason

    OpenRocket: packaged installers for Windows and Mac to solve all your Java problems

    Thank You neil_w! I had not run OpenRocket in a while and it kept crashing. So I was losing hope until I saw another post that referenced this post. I appreciate the effort. Greg
  12. GregGleason

    Why are Boeing 737 engine intakes flattened along the bottom edge?

    I love the 737 airframe. Seems like it is the DC-3 of commercial passenger jets. Greg
  13. GregGleason

    Nose Cones (through mach 1-3)

    Study rockets that have been designed and manufactured in the last 10 years that operate in the velocities and altitudes that are desired. You will have your answer. Greg
  14. GregGleason

    3/4 Mercury Redstone

    As large as that is, you might consider an FX pipe conduit near launch time to simulate LOX venting. Greg
  15. GregGleason

    Dallas area members, I need a favor

    I'm a sucker for happy endings! Greg
  16. GregGleason

    Chute question for new Semroc Mars Lander

    It's called a spill hole. Check out this link: http://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?20043-Parachute-spill-holes Greg
  17. GregGleason

    3D renderings of my favorite model rockets

    Great work! Waiting to see a Bandit and/or MaxiBrute series. You have the beginnings of your own Estes Catalog. Centuri had some winners as well, like the Laser X and Quasar. Greg
  18. GregGleason

    Material for best rocket visibility?

    Chrome as such is funny stuff. Can it reflect sunlight? Sure can. But the reflected angle is equal to angle of incidence, which means if the chrome surface will flash to only one point if the object is static. If you are not at that point then you will not see it. Think about it: A mirror...
  19. GregGleason

    Greetings.....from Austin, Texas!

    Welcome! Lot's of helpful folks around here. Relax and enjoy the journey! Greg