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  1. graylensman

    FlatCat Boost/Glider Build In Progress

    I look forward to reading your ongoing report - I've considered building a FlatCat at some point.
  2. graylensman

    Repairing paint on replaced fin

    I'll be that guy: you may need to write off the current decals, make the paint repair, and reapply new decals.
  3. graylensman

    Yet another "Is this battery okay to use" question

    Thanks for the succinct responses! I'll wire it up soon, and report back.
  4. graylensman

    Finished up my Goblin

    Unfortunately, I don't think anyone offers an MMX kit with a 13mm BT. Your best bet is to scratch build.
  5. graylensman

    Fliskits V2 - nose weight needed?

    I have a Fliskits V2 waiting on the bench. The nose cone is hollow. An Estes 18mm V2 clone I built required nose weight for proper stability. Does anyone know if this kit requires weight as well? The instructions don't mention anything. Thanks!
  6. graylensman

    Yet another "Is this battery okay to use" question

    After reading a metric buttload of threads about batteries, I came away knowing much more than I did...and achieving no more clarity than before. So... I have a 12v lithium battery used by a Ryobi hand drill. Is it okay to use in a launch controller? I'll be launching MMX mostly, and some LPR...
  7. 12vLithium


  8. Graylensman Album

    Graylensman Album

  9. graylensman

    Semroc MMX build: some observations

    hcmbanjo: Thanks for the clarification. I think part of what didn't make sense to me was placing the kevlar shock cord right there against the motor; that seems like you're asking for the cord to burn through. Maybe MMX ejection charges aren't that potent?
  10. graylensman

    Semroc MMX build: some observations

    I am currently building the Semroc MMX Cherokee and Blue Bird Zero. Some observations about the builds so far: The fin jigs. At first I was skeptical, but quickly realized the value. The hardest part has been sliding the fins into place; the jig slots are loose on the body tube but really tight...
  11. graylensman

    Build thread: New Semroc MX kits

    Beautiful! I have the Hawk, Cherokee, and Blue Bird Zero on my bench, waiting to go. What did you use to finish your Hawk?
  12. graylensman

    Mars Lander ... old and new

    I"m going to guess... the silver "pneumatic" shock absorbers on the landing legs.
  13. graylensman

    Build thread: New Semroc MX kits

    Always trying to be helpful! :D I just ordered an MMX Hawk today. I'll try G. Harry's advice, and let you know how well it glides.
  14. graylensman

    Build thread: New Semroc MX kits

    >At this point instructions say to sand all edges round except for the wings, which should be sanded to an airfoil shape for best results.< By coincidence, this morning I read the chapter on boost gliders in the Handbook of Model Rocketry. Stine mentions that sanding B/G wings with a...
  15. graylensman

    Build thread: New Semroc MX kits

    That is huge for MMX...but I think I'll pick up that kit. I have very young niece and nephew, and it might be easier for them to watch a bird this big than some of the other MMX rockets.
  16. graylensman

    Back to the hobby again!

    I guess that makes me a Born Again Born Again Rocketeer. Having gone through some serious life changes (divorce and cross-country relocation) I am once again getting back into rocketry. Was shocked to discover that Fliskits is going out of business, so I immediately ordered a handful of MMX...
  17. graylensman

    Metric Anyone?

    Intruder, when I was your age :eek: there was a major push in school to teach the kids the metric system. We even watched a series about it. (The only thing I remember from the show is part of the opening theme - "A liter, it's a little more than a quart"). For what it's worth, metric would be...