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    Midwest Power 17 - Nov 15-17, 2019

    Is there any information on what the food vendor is going to be selling? I'm bringing a non-flying guest and I'm sure she'll ask me what we should bring for food and drinks, lol.
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    Are there any low and slow rockets for AEROTECH 29MM PROPELLANT KIT - G25W-10?

    I'm thinking along similar lines: I have an Estes Saturn V and a Semroc Saturn 1B in my build pile. Planning to build both with 29mm mounts and try both on a G25. According to Rocksim, and taking the weight of my current 24mm SV plus the nose weight to make it stable, it comes to 21 oz. With...
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    Mini-Midwest Power 2019

    The weekend forecast looks a lot better today then yesterday. Too soon to know how low or high the cloud deck might be, but we shouldn't get soaked on the field. I'm bringing my rubber boots though - the field could be squishy.
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    Status of Aerotech 54mm floating forward closure and spacer system

    On a recent visit to Wildman Rocketry, they had several 54mm spacers. Since AFAIK Aerotech only sells those as a set, I'm assuming they have the remainder of the parts that make a set. I would like to get one spacer - just one spacer as I bought a new 54mm motor with the RAS closure. If you...
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    QCRS - April 20, 2019

    I'm planning to bring and fly my Loc Magnum on a K550 and my scratchbuilt 3" PAC-3 Missile on a J350. Better yet I'm bringing my girlfriend who will be flying her first rocket: an Estes Partizon, on a G64. If time to finish it and time to fly allows, I'll also launch a LOC Fantom 438 on an...
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    Off We Go Rocketry?

    I second all of the previous comments. He's our on-site vendor for our club, so I and others have had lots of positive experience with him.
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    FOUND AeroTech 54mm RMS spacer

    Looking for one spacer to use 54/1280 loads in my new 54/1706 case with floating forward closure.
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    EVENT Midwest Power 16 Pre-registration is open

    Jason, I'm actually from Des Moines, which often means when we get bad weather, you do the next day. And anything can and often does happen in November. Let's hope and pray we have better weather then the current forecast, and monitor that in the meantime.
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    EVENT Midwest Power 16 Pre-registration is open

    Hate to be a bringer of bad news, but the long term weather forecast through that weekend bad or worse as last years event. Is there an alternate date in case the whole weekend turns out to be overcast / rainy?
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    Blue tubes

    I have three rockets built with Blue Tube 2.0. Last year I build the AAR Basic Blue 4" kit, and I used their 3" tubing in a scratchbuilt PAC-3. This spring I rebuilt a rocket that took a 54mm rocket that lawn darted with Blue Tube in that size. For assembly and finishing I use the sanding...
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    Kit review

    I built this kit nearly a year ago, and it has logged six flights for far. From a construction standpoint, I thought the coupler tube for the E-Bay was a bit short -8" - but no other complaints. Added an Aeropack retainer, and with recovery gear but no electronics my finished weight was 110oz...
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    SOLD CTI/AMW reloads for sale

    PM Sent
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    Aerotech G-Force: A Quick Build Thread

    I had a G-Force for what I intended to be my L1 rocket. On it's maiden flight with a G64 it the ejection charge blew but not enough to separate the two halves, which lead to non-repairable damage. Earlier this year a member of my club had a similar issue with his, but he was able to repair his...
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    Aerotech L1000 SU Motor

    Here's the code: 021518. I took a picture of the label but for some reason it won't upload. FYI, I ordered it from Wildman last fall and got it about a month ago.
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    Aerotech L1000 SU Motor

    The date code is 02 15 18.
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    Aerotech L1000 SU Motor

    I have an L1000 that I do not have any short or medium term plans to use and would like to sell. I will be attending the Mini Midwest Power launch in Illinois this weekend, so if you are interested and also attending, that would be ideal. My real name is Scott and I'll be driving a black...
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    QCRS Princeton Launch January 13, 2018

    One goal of mine at Midwest Power launch was to find out more about trackers and see them in use - which didn't come to pass with the shortened launch. If there's some flyers that will be flying them, and would be willing to let me watch their setup and use, it might be worth a trip in spite of...
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    See what's been shakin at LOC the last few months!

    I have the 5.5" R2 (stretched V2) kit and enjoy flying it. I was thinking of modifying the nose cone of mine to have an adjustable nose weight for the reasons you state. Will that be available as a separate item so I don't have to finish a new nose cone from scratch? Also, I see that kit is...
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    Altimiter swapping

    I run a Missileworks RRC3 and RRC2+, each with their own 54mm size sled from the same vendor, and a 110/220V switch for each on power. My HP fleet runs from 54mm to 5.5" so they will work in any of my rockets with an e-bay. My bulkheads that didn't have 1.5" center-to-center rod spacing were...
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    What's your wish for Estes/Centuri Reissues?

    Two of my favorite rockets from my '80s years were the Soaring Eagle and the Phoenix. For those who weren't around, the SA was a boost glider that had folding wing spars and an ejecting motor pod that held the wing spars back during boost and coast phases. About 22" in length and span if...