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    Mars Lander Motor Question

    If you like, you can go to my “my mars landers” Thread where I talk about my build and flights.
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    Mars Lander Motor Question

    I have with my Semroc ML and was very happy with it. Well, the first one blew the forward seal on the D16 shortly after liftoff, so that was a CATO. It flew well on a C12 immediately after and at a later launch I had a good D16 flight. BTW my Estes Outlander flew well on the D16 also. I...
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    Looking at all the nice mini brute builds has convinced me to build and fly some of these kits. Thanks
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    Thanks for the pics Goose and Mike. Looks good. Does anyone know of a repro or upscale Wolverine or Aero-Hi kit?
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    I would like to clone a Screamer or Wolverine myself. Here’s my Level 1 Loc IV in an Estes mini-brute Rouge paint scheme.
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    In my kid days in the hobby back in the early 70s, I had a few mini-brutes in the fleet that got a lot of flying time due to their low cost to buy and fly. I don't see or hear much about them, but they were a big contributor to my early hobby experience. The second rocket I ever built was the...
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    Top 5 most desired low power rockets?

    Great thread topic. Thanks. And a tough one to answer! I came back into the hobby several years ago as a BAR and rebuilt kits I either loved as a kid or kits I dreamed of building as a kid but never did. Using that as my criteria, here's my top 5 best kits: Alpha. Original came with my...
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    RIP Rankin/Bass's Bilbo Baggins (Orson Bean), 91

    When I saw an older picture of him I thought I recognized him from The Twilight Zone. Sure enough, he was Mr. Bevis in an episode. Orson Bean was a very interesting guy. Johnny Carson thought so, too. He was a guest on The Tonight Show over 90 times.
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    Quickest way to attach a fin or kill a boy scout

    I've done several Cub Scout and Boy Scout group builds. Our last build, I used a technique I read online that said use a couple of spots of CA gel on the fin and put wood glue on the rest. That way you get the instant bond in conjunction with the more durable bond. Keep in mind I had parents...
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    "Crazy about the Cold War" images and artwork

    This is a fun look at the last. Thanks for posting.
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    Anyone ever convert an Estes Interceptor from 18mm to 24mm engines?

    I considered going from 18 to 24 on a couple of my heavy rockets, but chose to go with the AT and Quest 18mm D engines. No regrets.
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    What is your favorite space related movie?

    I enjoyed Passengers very much, just not in my top few. I saw it in 3D IMAX. Like MaxQ said, An E ticket ride. I'm looking forward to Ad Astra.
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    What is your favorite space related movie?

    Th Right Stuff and The Martian. Marooned is a great one, too. 1969 with Gregory Peck, Gene Hackman, James Franciscus and Richard Crenna. 2 Netflix movies I enjoyed were Moon and Europa Report.
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    What did you do rocket wise today?

    I received my level 1 cert card in the mail on 20 July 2019. That's something only folks on this forum can appreciate.
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    "The "New" NAR Members Guide

    In the Guidebook's Welcome Message, it states it is the product of a number of volunteers. Many thanks to you for your work on this. As a BAR and newly Level 1 certified, there's plenty for me to learn from. Thanks again for your time and effort!
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    "The "New" NAR Members Guide

    After following this discussion, I looked at my NAR Member Guidebook. In the Welcome Message on page 2, it states they try to provide a mix of material, and whether you are a new or renewing member, hope you find it useful.
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    How long does it take for the NAR to get your Level 1 cert back to you? Mine was mailed out a couple of weeks ago. I'm in no hurry, just curious.
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    What is your favorite OOP model rocket kit?

    Agree with KTesh. After I posted I thought it was odd that many of the kits mentioned had been rereleased by Estes or done by another company. Then I noticed the 2004 dates on prior posts. I think it's good a 15 year old thread came back to life. Probably pretty rare, too.