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  1. rockdoc


    Mark, my prayers to Marian and you! Marian still has that twinkle in her eyes and that beautiful smile that you just can't forget.
  2. rockdoc

    EVENT QCRS Club Launch March 14th

    I'll vouch for the chicken, best I've had.
  3. rockdoc

    QCRS January 4th Holiday Extravaganza!

    Ugly rocket Contestants.
  4. rockdoc

    EVENT Michiana Rocketry January Launch - 1/18/20

    The darn weather, well, I'll see you all on the 25th. Now, I may have to bring 2 M flights out to fly.
  5. rockdoc

    EVENT Michiana Rocketry January Launch - 1/18/20

    I'm planning on being there. Perhaps a big red M.
  6. rockdoc

    Wanted Estes SS-1C SCUD B Fin (and decals) info

    I've attached the decal placement template for the SCUD. The fin thickness is 1/8 inch.
  7. rockdoc

    Performance Hobbies...

    I've ordered from him and have had good experience with him..
  8. rockdoc

    Snap Ring Hardware

    Sure sounds like it...
  9. rockdoc

    EVENT QCRS Club Launch Dec 14th

    So what's considered crappy? The container is nice and cozy....
  10. rockdoc

    performance hobbies

    We're a small specialized hobby which relies on various vendor to keep us flying.
  11. rockdoc

    Midwest Power 17 - Nov 15-17, 2019

    Teddy, We're going to miss you and Sandy, you always make what MWP is all about, the conversations, the stories and laughing until you cry.
  12. rockdoc

    Go Fast Rocket Kit

    I'm in for another awesome kit.
  13. rockdoc

    Miss Riley Rocket Kits

    Thanks Buddy, great customer service!!
  14. rockdoc

    Miss Riley Rocket Kits

    Hey Buddy sent you an email August 7th about missing fins in the kit I received. Do you have an update what happened? Thank you.
  15. rockdoc

    Alternatives to Rocketpoxy?

    Rocketpoxy is more of a thick paste and is similar to Aeropoxy ES6279.
  16. rockdoc

    Miss Riley Rocket Kits

    Purchase made. Website, rocket and instructions first class all the way!!
  17. rockdoc

    Miss Riley Rocket Kits

    Buddy, very detailed and well drawn up instructions! Rocket looks great, with the clear coat!