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  1. EvryThngIsAOk

    Wanted MRC Concept II kits

    Looking for any of the MRC Concept II kits Ironman Flare Patriot Trail Blaser 2x2 Standard arm Thanks
  2. EvryThngIsAOk

    Wanted Neubauer kits

    I am looking for Neubauer scal kits. Explorer Mercury Redstone Mercury Atlas Gemini Titan Saturn V Thanks
  3. EvryThngIsAOk

    Semroc USS Andromeda?

    Built mine a few months back it builds up well and makes a beautiful rocket
  4. EvryThngIsAOk

    Secret Santa Christmas In July 2020

    Count me in as usual Wish list North coast Rocketry Hyper Swift , Archer, or Lance Delta Madcow 1.6 Bomarc, Loc Precision Starfighter, standard Arm Estes Doorknob pro series Shrocets Sea Sting or Ibis
  5. EvryThngIsAOk

    Forum Games - Word Association (for ALL TRF'rs)

    Squeal like a pig
  6. EvryThngIsAOk

    Top 5 most desired low power rockets?

    Wow that’s a question that leaves way to many question. Best Flying? Best Looking? Best selling? Best to build? so I will just give my short my short list of my favorites from back in the day till yesterday 1. Estes Master series Mercury Atlas 2. Centuri Mercury Redstone 3. Estes USS Atlantis...
  7. EvryThngIsAOk

    What's with space x

    What’s not to like? A privately funded company that brings manned space flight back to the US and does it with A unique and awesome twist all under budget.
  8. EvryThngIsAOk

    Squirrel Works Arapahoe-E (alternate paintjob)

    Beautiful job! I love Squirrel work rockets
  9. EvryThngIsAOk

    Rocket Storage

    Have spare bedroom converted to rocket room and a loft over the barn as well
  10. EvryThngIsAOk

    xx Paypal Friends and Family Warning.

    I had the same exact problem at Christmas . I sold many items on the forum some for large sums. And they were sent traditional PayPal. I couldn’t touch my money for 30 days and I was selling to fund Christmas for the family. It was horrible. I now sell friends and family or UsPs money order.
  11. EvryThngIsAOk

    Secret Santa 2019

    Hi all Sorry for not responding we Were out of the country for Christmas and New Years and only got today. I did receive A super nice Dr Zooch Falcon Heavy from My secret Santa. Didn’t get it opened till this evening. And my Guess is weetie11
  12. EvryThngIsAOk

    Estes gives you the chance to bring one rocket back. What would it be?

    Mercury Atlas. then when it sells out K-21 Gemini Titan. Then the Sat 1b
  13. EvryThngIsAOk

    Estes gives you the chance to bring one rocket back. What would it be?

    Good choice but it would have to be the combo pack with the torellian raider two of my favs
  14. EvryThngIsAOk

    Secret Santa 2019

    I feel for you sir. lost my Mother the day before thanksgiving. God bless
  15. EvryThngIsAOk

    Secret Santa 2019

    Guess I was a bad boy this year no package for me yet
  16. EvryThngIsAOk

    Secret Santa 2019

    Wish i could edit this one, stupid voice to text inserted nonsense and I didn’t check it
  17. EvryThngIsAOk

    Secret Santa 2019

    Gift ordered and shipped.
  18. EvryThngIsAOk

    Apogee Rocket - Shipping Costs explained - Makes sense

    Personally I dont care for Apogee or their owner but that is a personal opinion. I find that eRockets has most everything I ever need and Randy is Helpful and shipping is lightening fast. The only time I buy from Apogee is if there is not another source and even then it is with great hesitation