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    For Sale 9v Aluminum Battery Holders & Snaps NEW

    The Battery Holder nickel plated contacts swivel 360 degrees and take solder.
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    For Sale 9v Aluminum Battery Holders & Snaps NEW

    New Keystone Electronics 9v Aluminum Battery Holders - Part # (2)1291 & (2)1290 Also, (2) New Keystone Electronics Hard Molded 9v Battery Snaps #2239 Lot - $10 includes shipping Paypal
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    For Sale Rocket Space Book Collection

    Added more space, model related books. ebay. Auction Estes Model Rocketry POSTER Large Signed Vern Estes 1960s VTG RARE
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    For Sale Rocket Space Book Collection

    Can be found on ebay.
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    Funny Phone Call Scam Attempt

    Wasting their time is not enough. Scamming them out of money is better. I read how to do this several yrs ago, so I gave it try. I sell alot on CL, and the scam has to be about mailing your bank ck to movers. My item was big, heavy and $300. He said is interested and would send $1000. $500 for...
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    SOLD EX Case Retainer Snap Rings 114mm, 152mm

    NEW HO400 - Internal Snap Rings for 114mm Case (10 Pcs) $25.99 (12 Pcs) $29.99 NEW RST450 - External Spiral Rings for 114mm Case (11 Pcs) $35.99 NEW RST600 - External Spiral Rings for 152mm Case *(6" Case -1/4" wall) (6 Pcs) $35.99 Shipping Included
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    GPS Transmitter and Receiver

    No ham license required. The transmitter will fit in a 54mm nose cone. Good for 80mi. Will do 40mi line of sight w/ dipole antenna. "You are There" display within 20ft of rocket. LCD is readable in sunlight. Shows bearing heading and coordinates. 900Mhz hopping spread spectrum, FHSS...
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    QCR Glider Kits

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    NARAM Plastic Model Conversion Revell MiG 21 1:32 Scale Plastic Model Kit

    Pickup anytime. Holland, PA 18966 Hav a couple more kits. QCR, Estes
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    NARAM Plastic Model Conversion Revell MiG 21 1:32 Scale Plastic Model Kit

    This Revell 04719 MiG 21 SPS/MF "Fishbed" 1:32 Scale Plastic Model Kit is perfect for NARAM's Plastic Model Conversion category. Approx 16" long w/ wingspan of 9-1/2". This model was well thought out for parachute recovery and stability. BT-50 tube is aligned thru the fuselage. Forward cone...
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    54mm 3G Complete Motor

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    98/17500 or Bigger Case

    Seems the OP is looking for a "commercial case blessed by the rocket gods". AMW nozzle and forward closure shoulder liner OD , from OEM spec, will fit a 3.50" liner. If the liner is made correct. 3.55"ID AMW case was made to accommodate thicker walled liners. And yes wrapping a 3.50" liner will...
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    NARAM NAR Rocketry Patches Auction

    Some of the patches were from NARAMs I had attended. A good part of this lot was won in a heated auction between myself and Gleda Estes at NARAM 45. At the time, I didnt know who Gleda was. Unbeknownst to me, its tradition to let Gleda win the auction. Afterwards Vern Estes had a good chuckle...
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    NARAM NAR Rocketry Patches Auction

    NARAM NAR Rocketry Patches Ebay Auction
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    AP200 50 lbs

    Sorry about this. Someone wanted it last week and was sending a ck. well, 5 days later..... nothing . Let you guys know in a day. Only have this 50lbs.
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    AP200 50 lbs

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    NARAM NAR Patches Others Stickers Lot Collection

    Reasonable offers. This was 1/2 of the collection. The other half was outbidded by Gleda Estes at Evansville, IN.
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    98mm Loki cases

    Loki is 3.50" ID. AMW had a 3.55" ID case . Loki were considered "standard" cases. 3-1/2" Loki stopped 98 cases (pre Scott K.) Some were made w/ threaded ends, most snap ring and used no external thrust ring. They were about .020" or so OOR. AMW 98 3.55 are specified drawn cases. About...