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  1. RayGNJ

    AT single use M1350 legal for level 3 attempt?

    Thanks guys for the info, At least that's one corner covered. Thanks for the offer Teddy, but like Kurt says. The last thing I need to worry about is trashing you hardware. It would be bad enough to have failed and then still have the issue to replace your hardware if it were damaged.
  2. RayGNJ

    AT single use M1350 legal for level 3 attempt?

    Looking to try for my level 3 in the near future but the cost of buying a case and reload is a bit steep. I am looking to cut the cost (not in construction or recovery) as I am on a limited budget. My question is, is the SU motor legal for a level 3 attempt or do I have to buy the case and...
  3. RayGNJ

    AT Hobbyline liner removal

    I had this happen to me also. I ended up destroying the liner. Contacted AT and they sent me a new liner, also told me of the pealing outer layer to fit.
  4. RayGNJ

    Radical Rocketeers - June 13 - Great Meadows, NJ

    Any word if Jose will be there?
  5. RayGNJ

    2015 Rocketry Goals?

    Get my Darkstar 3 and Punisher painted, both have earned their paint. Start to build and paint low power fleet, to many to name Fly my 2 stage Shape Shifter jr Hit Mach 1 Hit 1 mile, maybe 2 Fly my first K motor Set up Darkstar 3 for redundant deployment. Have fun and attend more launches.
  6. RayGNJ

    Successful Level 2 !!!!!

    Nice job Coleman, welcome to the ranks of even bigger motors. Wish I could have been there.
  7. RayGNJ

    Motor retention in minimum diameter rockets

    Looking to build a minimum diameter 38 rocket and was wondering what you would use to keep the motor casing from coming out at ejection. I was thinking, maybe use tape or trying Aeropacs mini dia mortor retainer. Problem I have with the aeropack is you are stuck with it as it limits using...
  8. RayGNJ

    Anyone flying the Madcow Super DX3?

    I used mine for my level 2. Used a J350 with duel deploy to 3728 ft.
  9. RayGNJ


    I have two flights on mine, 2346 on a J350 and 2778 on a J500 to 2778. Looking to fly it on a K456 next now that I got a few shake down flights on it. I also recently flew my Punisher on a I211 to 2728. Both are great flying birds.
  10. RayGNJ

    Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses Closing for a bit....

    Best wishes my friend, Forums won't be the same.............. Take care and have a speedy recovery.
  11. RayGNJ

    3D vendor at RG17 with Ebay sleds and camera holders.

    Anyone know who the guy that was selling 3D printed E-bay sleds and camera holders is?
  12. RayGNJ

    The 2 Mile High Club.....

    Nice job Coleman.. What rocket did you use?
  13. RayGNJ

    Red Glare XVII

    Had a great time this weekend. Flew my Darkstar 3 on a J500 to 2778, and flew my Punisher on a I211 to 2728. There was a guy taking pictures of all the flights, Neil did mention his web site. And How about that KATE system.
  14. RayGNJ

    Flourescent green spray paint

    Thanks guys, Especially the techno on why. I'll try ACE, See what I can come up with.
  15. RayGNJ

    Flourescent green spray paint

    Any one where I can get a can of glossy fluorescent green spray? It seems every where I have looked its either flat or transparent. I have tried Home Depot, Lowes and a few auto parts places with no luck.
  16. RayGNJ

    What kits do you still have around that aint been built yet?

    Way too many to list. Between Estes and Wildmans sale I'll be busy for a long, long time.
  17. RayGNJ

    Wildman Anouncement email

    Maybe it has something to do with the second chance sale CJs been talking about. Man, I am running out money and room with all of these sales.
  18. RayGNJ

    Newbie from South Jersey/Parachute & Streamer Question

    I use fishing lure snap swivels. Tie the parachute to the swivel and tie a loop in the shock cord. Makes for quick changes. Although for heavier rockets I use 3/16 quick links.
  19. RayGNJ

    The Wildman Rocketry Giveaway!

    Yes, count me in! Always ready to add another WM kit to the fleet!