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  1. RoyAtl

    Launches Restarting

    SoAR is gonna try a low-mid power launch this Saturday. They are usually sparsely attended since the field is hilly and way out in the boonies, but there's pent-up demand (the weather shut us down for a few months before the virus did) and our local low-power field remains closed, and high...
  2. RoyAtl

    Electronic Flight Cards?

    SoAR has a couple of people working on it for the past few weeks. Don't know if either of them have seen this thread, but I'll point them to it.
  3. RoyAtl

    Ariane Rocket Failure

    don't forget "Norminal" from SpaceX's integration guy
  4. RoyAtl

    We lost one of our own today

    Sorry to hear that William.
  5. RoyAtl

    Do motors such as Estes A8-0, B4-0, C6-0 kick backwards or not?

    yes, they do kick back as gasses expand forward upon breach of the forward wall of propellant. However, this is not necessarily the same as an ejection charge in a delayed motor. As the delay element burns it leaves a lot of gunk in the combustion chamber, and this acts as a partial seal...
  6. RoyAtl

    Odd C6-5's

    Estes has used different clays in the past. The white stuff Fred Shecter (ShredVector) calls "poopy clay". Not exactly sure why, except he says they resulted in weaker nozzles (and more catos). The clay before that was grainier but a consistent gray color, unlike the clay since which has had...
  7. RoyAtl


    I'm resurrecting this thread almost sixteen years later to describe an intentionally coning version of the Big Bertha. This rocket was flown at some of our launches in the mid 2000's by someone named Ashley Robinson. He took one fin of a Big Bertha, glued it on about, oh, 8" forward, while the...
  8. RoyAtl

    What keeps you in the hobby?

    I got that in high power (where airframes are same ol' same ol'), but not in low power. I haven't flown many of my own rockets lately, but still go to the launches and be LCO so I get the same rush.
  9. RoyAtl

    New 2019 Estes Catalog

    Little Joe II (is in the index, but the page is the one where the 1/200th Saturn is)
  10. RoyAtl

    New 2019 Estes Catalog

    Ellis said in the Rocketry Show that they just haven't sold as well (in typical retail), so they are figuring out how to market/distribute less popular yet still useful motors.
  11. RoyAtl

    New 2019 Estes Catalog

    No, I think it is much better. Beginner Intermediate, Advanced, etc are much better than 1,2,3,4,5 where in one era 3 was advanced, in another era 3 is average.
  12. RoyAtl

    New 2019 Estes Catalog

    Yep, someone copied the specs of the V2 to the Black Brant II entry
  13. RoyAtl

    Suspected Bad Motor List

    I'm concerned that totally un-curated data will become its own problem; basically becoming a blacklist ("she's a witch/he's a commie!"), but there should be a threshold over which MESS data for an obviously problematic motor could be shared.
  14. RoyAtl

    Saturn V fairings

    The upcoming release will replace the fairings, but with new vac-formed fairings. John Boren said "maybe the 60th anniversary release will have injection molding."
  15. RoyAtl

    Suggestion: Think before you post safety failures.

    Here's a ferinstance... A few years ago I flew my level II cert at an event on a cloudy day, shooting video of the flight. My rocket went to about 2800', just below the ceiling. I followed my rocket on its way down (no dual deploy-- normal apogee ejection), and while I did, the next rocket, a...
  16. RoyAtl

    What kits should Estes bring back?

    There was a large Pershing in John’s work area when we went through on the Estes tour at NARAM.
  17. RoyAtl

    Kind of new to this

    Yes, multiple (or nested) adapters are fine. My old LOC EZI-65 was made with a 54mm mount, but I rarely flew it on anything but a G80, or an H128, both of which are 29mm, and I did so by putting a 38-29 mm adapter in a 38-54mm adapter.
  18. RoyAtl

    Super Disappointed, learned a valuable lesson

    Chris Short will be very happy to sell you the commercial motors you need, on site.
  19. RoyAtl

    Estes New Releases

    I’ll take a guess that the new part is the SII interstage (the conical one), I hope I hope??
  20. RoyAtl

    Super Disappointed, learned a valuable lesson

    And yes it’s a NAR event.