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  1. gna

    filling spirals

    That looks like Tamiya Putty
  2. gna

    Apogee Maker's Dozen build/review

    Nicely done.
  3. gna

    AeroTech Open Thread

    Thank you. I have contacted Karl.
  4. gna

    Aerotech HV Arcas Questions

    Thanks everyone. I was thinking Kevlar shock cord and 1010 rail buttons. I thought the baffle/brillo pad thing looked like a good idea. I can leave it out if it doesn't work.
  5. gna

    AeroTech Open Thread

    I flew an F67-6W Economax motor on Saturday. The flight was good; the recovery, not. There was no ejection. Afterwards I checked the motor: No scorching from ejection charges... I checked the other one, still in the package: So check your motors for ejection charges, otherwise your...
  6. gna

    Aerotech HV Arcas Questions

    I picked up an older Aerotech HV Arcas kit secondhand from someone getting out of the hobby. I am planning on replacing the large engine hook with an Aerotech retainer, but other than that, any build advice? I have to say I was surprised that the instructions recommend medium CA as the...
  7. gna

    Onboard video, what’s the latest and greatest?

    I looked up the SQ11; it looks much like the camera pictured here. I'm curious about mounting one to a rocket...
  8. gna

    2 fins and a nose cone...and it flies.

    We had a social distance launch Saturday. I flew mine on an A8-3; it flew great. The problem was, I lost track of it. I had a separation, but I did find the pieces. I will need to glue the the shock cord to the lower level on better.
  9. gna

    The "Estes" Explorer

    yes please.
  10. gna

    Extreme Airmail! Mailing Tube Rocket

    Nice job on the rocket. Did you paint it? Is the weight still 18 oz? I would think an E motor would be the minimum for an 18 oz rocket. Still, you could try it on a D12 on a calm day if you're careful.
  11. gna

    Dimpled nose cones Worth a try. Making the dimples seems to be a problem...
  12. gna

    Coronavirus: What questions do you have?

    Live by the spellchecker--die by the spellchecker.
  13. gna

    Coronavirus: What questions do you have?

    Fiends? Why are they "fiends?"
  14. gna

    Coronavirus Outbreak

    Not quite. The Obama administration declared it a Public Health Emergency on April 26th. As current vaccines were found to be ineffective, a crash program was launched to develop tests and vaccines and formulate a response. Although the 2009 H1N1 outbreak reached epidemic levels of infection...
  15. gna

    Coronavirus Outbreak

    So Fabio Wajngarten tested positive for COVID-19 after his meeting with Trump, and you're wondering if it was an assassination attempt?
  16. gna

    Coronavirus Outbreak

    I can't tell if this is satire or not. I've been wondering that myself for a while now. I'd say Fonzie is well over.
  17. gna

    Coronavirus Outbreak

    Yes, and even if you have sick leave, some employers discipline employees for using their sick leave. If you use more than 32 hours in a year, you get written up for "abusing sick leave." Further infractions may lead to termination.
  18. gna

    BT70 Gemini Titan

    I asked the Shapeways seller the weight of the 3D printed nosecone, and he replied: I dont know. Material data sheet says .45 grams per cu cm for WSF. But i know 23% less than what is stated on the model for material volume if made of WSF, using that number( i weighed it once long time ago). You...
  19. gna

    My New Loki Case Stolen....

    It's a newer term, coined as more and more shopping moves online, leading to more and more home deliveries.
  20. gna

    Coronavirus: What questions do you have?

    Maybe, but this is where the fear is coming from--people are putting together a higher death rate with a virus that seems to be similar to the common cold, and it's not hard to extrapolate an extremely high global death toll.