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    In the first post, (with the small video) I thought , "dang, that's messed up" but after seeing it with the sound and the commercial ending I almost peed from laughter.
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    Any Good Paper Airplanes To Make???

    There's some cool stuff on Creative Park..
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    For Motorheads Only - Mini Hemi

    Actually the correct term is, "Gear Heads". A Motor head is posted above.
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    A Balmy 83

    Can't argue with that, it can get dang oppressive here during the summer months, I guess it's flip flopped, we stay inside (or in the pool or local swimming hole) during the heat of the day during summer, up north every one stays inside during winter. I spent two and a half years in Germany...
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    For Motorheads Only - Mini Hemi

    Really cool, I love this stuff, here's a good may want to turn up the volume.. N8TXMUaC9Os
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    A Balmy 83

    Yea..I think we're going to have a FREEZING cold low of about 43, and a terrible high of about 65, dang the bad luck. All these snow birds are bringing that nasty cold weather with them, happens every year.
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    A Balmy 83

    Well after seeing all the threads on the freezing butt cold weather I though I give the Florida weather cast. As of today it's Sunny and a balmy high of 82 deg, the morning low of 63. I'm Sitting here in my favorite chair with a glass of iced tea, in shorts and no shirt, ceiling fan on and AC...
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    What are snow birds?

    I thought you were talking about all the old, wrinkled retirees that scuttle but down here to Florida every winter to gripe and complain, and tell us how great every thing is (UP NORTH). I've never in my life been able to figure out, if things are SO great up north, why in the heck they come...
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    Father Daughter post Thanks Giving Launch

    Yes, the only damage was a badly burned chute, it's toast, replace it and we're back in buisness.
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    Still, yet another recommendation, please --- launch base!

    After five different home built launch pad configurations this is what I ended up with. The legs unscrew and the deflector plate base comes off. It all completely breaks down and the drill chuck can pivot for most any angle, and can accomodate any low and mid power launch rod. Total...
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    Father Daughter post Thanks Giving Launch

    Last but not least..another great and successful launch of the Black Ops Stealth Lexx Jett. I launched this on another E-9-4 which is a perfect engine for this rocket. In Oklahoma I launched on both an E-9 and E-12, it seemed a bit squarrely on the 12 but it was in high winds and I had the key...
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    Father Daughter post Thanks Giving Launch

    After these it started getting interesting. Next on the list was one I have only launched once, a busy, large scratch build design of my own, Warp 10, it's large and heavy. We had a D-12-3 explode on ignition. The down force of the blast was strong enough to break a chunk...
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    Father Daughter post Thanks Giving Launch

    So I did manage to get in a launch the day after Thanks Giving, what an eventful day, some great launches and a major CATO! Started off with the Tachyon Crusier, a design of my own with paper nose cone, a great and stable flyer.. Next up was the Heat Seeker a scratch built Plasma...
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    Why did I bother with a flu shot?- Mods, please close!!

    Be shocked...just because someone holds a differing view than your own doesn't mean you can't learn some thing from them. When it comes to these type of issues it reminds me of a saying, "a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still". When it comes to any deeply held conviction...
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    Why did I bother with a flu shot?- Mods, please close!!

    Well here's another interesting thread, thought I'd weigh in once more before it gets locked. Health issues weigh right up there with politics and religion, it doesn't take a rocket scientist (see..I can keep the hobby focus to) to figure this one poison + one poison doesn't equal no...
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    Why did I bother with a flu shot?- Mods, please close!!

    A year ago I got a case of pneumonia, went to see my holistic Dr. The first thing he recommended was a vitamin C treatment..( A 5000 mlg i-v drip) He said he could prescribe an antibiotic but that it most likely wouldn't work, I opted for the anti-b. After a week of coughing so hard I damaged...
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    Lost in Space, Doctor Smith

    I would have ejected him out an air lock before we crashed landed on the first planet. I did like the Smith character on the movie "Lost in Space" Gary Oldman, he wasn't a bumbling idiot, he was just evil. b54vT4XtVn0
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    Shocking video from recent tornado

    Absolutely incredible!, gave me chills watching that.
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    Apollo 18....yea, that's right...18

    I recently loaded up a bunch of space sci-fi movies into my que from Netflix, this was one, watched it last night, it's actually pretty cool. They do a good job of making it look like real mission footage. As I said, if you enjoy space sci-fi movies this is a good one.