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  1. Oberon

    New Aerotech Igniter Insulation Failure

    Steve, that was my thought too, but it doesn’t explain the melting on the other discarded igniters I saw. The insulation was definitely thinner and softer to sight and feel. Seems to be a marginal design relative to the older batches of igniters.
  2. Oberon

    New Aerotech Igniter Insulation Failure

    Yesterday I flew a 38-360 I245G motor. It came packaged with an igniter a bit different from the other FirstFires I’ve seen. The insulation was a different color, red and yellow, rather than the regular dark yellow. And it was softer and thinner. When I went to launch, I had good continuity...
  3. Oberon

    Alternative Igniter

    Combustion rate isn’t “important”, it’s essential. To light AP motors you need a hot, relatively long burn at relatively low pressure. The goal is to transfer a lot of heat in a short but nonzero time. The very biggest AP motors on the side of the Space Shuttle / SLS use basically a smaller...
  4. Oberon

    FYI: Stickershock is [NOT] closed...

    Really sad, and frankly shocking, can’t say I’ve ever heard a bad word about Mark or his products on this forum (even the best vendors have an occasional dud so this is a truly remarkable accomplishment). Hopefully he sees the outpouring here and at least knows that a lot of people really do...
  5. Oberon

    Favorite L2 AT 38/720 load?

    The 420R lights fast and has a great flame. Redline always looks great in person (Mojave green photographs better though). All of them are great though, it’s a nice case.
  6. Oberon

    AeroTech Open Thread

    Sure, that’s what you want. But note that half this thread is other customers demanding propellant x, y, and z in cases 1, 2, and 3. Aerotech has to balance both sets of demands. “I have to go to 4 different vendors” Which sucks. It would be much easier to keep hardware stocked if Aerotech...
  7. Oberon

    AeroTech Open Thread

    Y’all realize you’re expecting some contradictory things from Aerotech right? You want every propellant formulation in every case size, in reloadable and one time use. You want a vendor at every launch site. You want every part and motor always in stock at all of those vendors, or special...
  8. Oberon

    Sunward Hobbies order issue

    Good point grouch, but again it’s not fair to expect grandma to know the “unwritten rules of rocketry”. If a vendor can only provide service acceptable to insiders “in the know”, hopefully they are okay being a niche player. Basically, what we have here is an old lady concerned about her hard...
  9. Oberon

    Sunward Hobbies order issue

    Rocketry vendors aren’t Amazon, but it’s also not fair to expect Christmas shopping grandmas to read TRF or check the current state of CTI backorders or know that “it’s a slow time of year” so vendors aren’t keeping their stock status updated (wait that’s a thing?). If you have an online...
  10. Oberon

    LOC-VII anyone got one?

    It’s definitely a versatile rocket, but I think the point is that, as a big, heavy, draggy rocket, it’s not something that is going to fly well on the smaller 1-3 grain 54 mm motors. You really need full Js or K motors to make it shine. That K850 is a (retail) $200 motor that takes it to 4000’...
  11. Oberon

    Lowest-mass smoothing techniques for 3D PLA prints?

    Not too many great options for PLA unfortunately. If your printer can handle it, give ABS a try - it's acetone soluble, so painting on acetone (literally you can apply it with a paintbrush) does a nice job of smoothing and bonding the surface.
  12. Oberon

    For newbies ... understanding governing authorities.

    You're welcome, and thanks for putting this together!
  13. Oberon

    For newbies ... understanding governing authorities.

    Yes, they are high power motors. No, they do not require a "waiver" to fly. A "waiver" in the context of this hobby, is an FAA waiver, and the FAA does not care about the impulse, average thrust, or whether it is a "sparky" in their definition of "Class 1 Rocket". What the NAR and TRA govern is...
  14. Oberon

    Jolly Logic Chute Release, chutes not inflating....

    Oh, and for the OP, it looks like you wrapped the band around your chute pack more than once? That's a really bad idea! If you need more tension, use a shorter band or pack differently, a multi-wrap is just asking for a hang up.
  15. Oberon

    Jolly Logic Chute Release, chutes not inflating....

    I've had multiple failures where a JLCR activates without chute deployment. One of these resulted in a broken Eggfinder and Quantum :( (I was using the Quantum to deploy at apogee and the JLCR as the "main" in a stubby rocket without room for traditional DD). I have since reflown that one...
  16. Oberon

    Rules that Prohibit Propulsive Landing of Rocket or Lander?

    Probably not feasible with hobby rocket motors. A truly propulsive landing requires a precise amount of impulse delivered at exactly the right time - rockets like Falcon and New Shepard use throttleable liquid motors. With hobby motors, the variability in impulse and ignition time are going to...
  17. Oberon

    New tracker from Apogee?

    The receiver unit is pretty slick, the transmitter seems pretty chunky and inflexible. Would be nice if, for the premium price, the transmitter had features like GPS recording and frequency reprogrammability. Any idea if they plan to sell the units separately? Maybe somebody can find a way to...
  18. Oberon

    Kevlar bridal in 4 inch fiberglass

    Teddy, One thing I think would make a great standard item for you: flat Kevlar bridles. Basically a length (maybe 6ft or so?) of Kevlar tape, plain on one end, with the other end ending in a sewn loop with a SS D ring. End user would cut the plain end to desired length and epoxy it to their...
  19. Oberon

    Securing shock cord knots

    Epoxy and Kevlar should be fine, considering that's just Kevlar composite - an excellent light and strong building material! Only issues with it are getting epoxy where you don't want it while it cures, and having a stiff/sharp/abrasive bit of your harness. I think it is CA that is bad for...
  20. Oberon

    Wildman Holiday Sales

    Cool thanks for update. Once fixed, should we manually add HAZMAT or is that automatic?