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  1. Blades

    SpaceX Falcon 9 Kit Discontinued?

    If you feel up to doing a cardstock conversion, this site is an excellent resource. I am currently working on the Arabsat Falcon Heavy. If you scale the PDF down about 92% the body wraps will fit a standard BT55. Print the bodies on...
  2. Blades

    Does anyone have a video a cardstock rocket launch or flight?

    My 1/48th scale Soyuz on a D12-3. Patterns can be found here:
  3. Blades

    Paper shroud technique!

    One of my favorite tools is the Template Widget by Matt Stum. Available here: . Not only will it print any transitions, but it will also do fin guides and mitre guides as well. Terribly useful little program, particularly for...
  4. Blades

    Big Daddy inspired

    Very nice indeed. You might consider doing a double lamination on your body and nose cone, it makes a big difference in strength. This is one of the few areas where I have found a use for the school glue stick. I'll lay on a good layer of the stick, then offset the two pieces of cardstock to...
  5. Blades

    Experiences with the James Yawn "Snapdragon" DIY plans.

    Glad you had a good experience with them. Here's a few things to consider for next time. Commercial launch lugs will fit snugly around a 5/32" tube, this gives some leeway for the nominally 1/8" launch rods. The bodies of your rockets are way overbuilt. Having built a good number of...
  6. Blades

    The Star Trooper Project

    Final weight comes it at 19.25 oz. First flight will probably be on a F-15 bp motor, after that, I could see putting her up on a G76 (my favorite midpower motor).
  7. Blades

    The Star Trooper Project

    She's finished. First time using vinyl decals from Stickershock, must say, I'm impressed.
  8. Blades

    The Star Trooper Project

    Yeah, Top Ramen got me thinking about it. I could see going even bigger, 4 or 5" tubes, although the 3" version makes for a good sized rocket. I'm going with a 29mm mount, but there's no reason why it couldn't take more.
  9. Blades

    The Star Trooper Project

    The Star Trooper always struck me as a cool little rocket. I like the esthetics of the long, slender fins. I decided to use some of the Estes Leviathan parts to make an upscaled Trooper. The nose cone is about as close in shape as you could want. It comes out to 5.5X scale. I took a page...
  10. Blades

    Noctua - the Owl

    Here's a Goonie Firecat that I built a few years ago.
  11. Blades

    Habanero peppers-need recipes

    I made some of this a couple of weeks ago. Good stuff. I would also recommend dehydrating them if you have a glut. They last forever when they're dried. You can also take the dried ones and run them through a spice grinder and...
  12. Blades

    Quick Fliskits Corona Question

    The tube fin on the Corona is a piece of BT60 coupler. The forward ring on the booster is a regular piece of BT60, so paint on the coupler would make for a very tight fit. You can color the coupler with a sharpie to keep a proper fit. I would definitely recommend building it with the...
  13. Blades

    Der Family of Max

    Here's the wraps needed to make a BT5 downscale of the Red Max.
  14. Blades

    Soyuz options.....

    Plus one on the cardstock Soyuz from Jleslie. It flies nicely on a D12-3 and while it's a challenging model, it shouldn't be more difficult than some of your other scratch builds. Here's a bit of a build thread I did a while back...
  15. Blades

    New Cardstock Conversion, Little Joe II

    I use a piece of polished PVC pipe as a rolling pin to get the cardstock into a curve, apply glue and lay the two pieces together, leaving an overlap of 1/2 to 3/4" (this leaves a built in glue tab to finish the tube). Using the rolling pin, I roll the laminate over a soft surface before the...
  16. Blades

    Centuri Alien Scout Ship Flying Saucer embossing templates

    Very nice. If you do put together a travelling set, I'd sure like to be on that list.
  17. Blades

    Centuri The Bug and Achilles builds

    I remember that design manual, my copy is now lost to the mists of time. Some nice patterns in there. It wouldn't be quite stock, but it appears there's room for a 13 mm mount in the Bug. You could probably make it rear ejection with a streamer and increase your chances of getting the little...
  18. Blades

    Super Neon Mosquito Bash

    I am officially intrigued.
  19. Blades

    Ventris Kit Bash

    Thought about it, but no. While incorporating some of the details of the Icarus, this is not a true upscale.