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  1. Stymye

    Leading Edges on Fins Technique

    this book backs what Stine (and micromister) posted
  2. Stymye

    Paint Stripper

    The majority of plastic modelers these days use castrol super clean degreaser, or purple power degreaser. a soak in alcohol will remove most acrylics.
  3. Stymye

    PlastiKote Acrylic Lacquer Test

    plasticote is excellent primer , tho it doesn't have the high build properties of other brands . plasticote is owned by valspar.
  4. Stymye

    Aerotech "Labyrinth" Baffle

    ditch the plastic ejection caps and replace with a bit of masking works fine and no plastic caps do deal with
  5. Stymye

    Venison tonight.

    venison jerky ... yum !
  6. Stymye


    .......or reporting income
  7. Stymye

    4" Scale ARCAS build/scratch

    beautiful job ! I bet the real thing didn't even look that nice. Worth the wait. and best of all scratch built !
  8. Stymye

    Anybody build a rocket without glue?

    I'm sure it could be done with a little engineering , using interlocking pieces with tight tolerances.
  9. Stymye

    Inkjet Decal Paper

    a lot has to do with age , decal paper has a limited lifespan
  10. Stymye

    NAR Membership Issues

    yes there must be membership issues
  11. Stymye

    Clear Coat Application

    if you want to use any setting solutions , future/krylon will not jive. I use micromark decal solution and it really snugs the decals down nicely when treated.
  12. Stymye

    Airbrushing Air Sources

    that's what I have , a tank in my model room with a line plumbed to the main compressor in the garage..the line runs under my house.. I have a gage,filter and shutoff valve in the room , totally silent and 125 psi source.. I keep the main compressor off , only using it to fill the "holding"...
  13. Stymye

    Hobbylinc's pricing on ESTES kits?

    I have picked up some great discounts from Belleville Hobby when ordering a certain minimum amount,, also they often have great deals on discontinued . and you get free shipping and discount coupons with every order. I picked up 6) canadian arrows that came out to $16 ea.
  14. Stymye

    Paint and Spray Booth Gallery

    I have an airbrush booth in progress , or are you talking a large spray can setup ?
  15. Stymye

    Is this for real?

    after watching things that show up on antiques road show ... anything is possible
  16. Stymye

    Estes Executioner MMT Failure on an E20-4W

    I've had rockets overpressure baffles a few times , either too small diameter rocket , clusters ,and too much ejection in the motors.... not a big fan of baffles they do have their limits sometimes when using fully loaded ejection charges
  17. Stymye

    FatCat F104 Plans Finally done

    some flight pics on G80
  18. Stymye

    FatCat F104 Plans Finally done

    of course , thanks John