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  1. adrian

    Coronavirus Outbreak

    Being rocketeers, if you're really desperate, you have the (admittedly expensive) option of using Estes WP as TP. Me, I'd been spraying TP with flame retardant to convert it into WP, and may now need to wash the stuff to convert it back. Anyone looking at my laundry is going to get almost...
  2. adrian

    WWI helmets protect against shock waves just as well as modern designs

    You want retro? Let's go really retro. Here are some weapons and helmets which were on show at a mediaeval display I saw last year: The helmets on the right possess both a wide brim and a crest - just what the doctor ordered. (Another helmet being worn by one of the re-enactors was almost...
  3. adrian

    How do they make rocket propellant? An explanation:

    I tried making some propellant according to the recipe from prfesser. While it was hanging out to dry, some birds started pecking at it. They'd eaten a fair old chunk before I chased them off. Then they went to a neighbour's front door, where a bottle of milk had been delivered and not yet...
  4. adrian

    Flightless in Wiltshire

    Hello! I'm not sure which is the club that is 60 miles away from you. The nearest club to Wiltshire which I can see on UKRA's map is Fins Over Gwent, which is just over the border in Wales. Somewhat further away, once a year, is International Rocket Week. You'll need to travel all the way to...
  5. adrian

    Post a pic that makes you LOL

    A passenger train with a big propellor on the back. Gives a whole new meaning to the warning "Stand back from the edge of the platform".
  6. adrian

    Messerschmitt Me-262

    Those aren't the stats for the Meteor Mk. 1, which was the version in service during WW2. The Mk. 1 could only do 410 mph (660 km/h). So on stats, the Me 262 wins. Manoeuvrability: not sure. The Me 262 was certainly no dogfighter but I don't know how the Meteor fared here. Armament: 4 x...
  7. adrian

    For the Python fans...

    Oh what sad times are these, when passing ruffians can say "Ni" to rocketeers at will. NOBODY expects the RSO Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and fear, fear and surprise ... our two main weapons are fear and surprise and ruthless efficiency ... our three weapons are fear...
  8. adrian

    Look what I found!

    This is actually an early model TARDIS. You type in the space-time co-ordinates for your chosen destination, grab hold of the yellow handle, and hold on for dear life. After the first Time Lord to use it reported having to regenerate as soon as he arrived due to asphyxiating in space on the...
  9. adrian

    SRB separation ideas for the Estes Titan IIIe

    You do want to pop the nose cones, so that the booster is properly secured. If the booster can simply drop off the back, and if there is any delay between main motor ignition and booster ignition, then the booster will fall off as soon as the rocket lifts off. The booster may then ignite and...
  10. adrian

    Post a pic that makes you LOL

  11. adrian

    How Reliable are Estes Igniters?

    I selected 75% because I wouldn't want to swear that I've had 99%. Then again, I wouldn't want to swear that I had 99% success with the black-tipped igniters either. Certainly you need to make sure that the igniter tip is in contact with the propellant. Good practice when inserting the...
  12. adrian

    Post a pic that makes you LOL

    On your marks... Get set... <shines laser pointer at far wall> Go! Meanwhile, in another bad day for the trucking industry:
  13. adrian

    The most beautiful jet fighter ever made

    The Lightning was indeed a nice fighter, but for beauty, the Hunter was the one to watch. Especially when it's painted like this: The owner named it Miss Demeanour because "it's not a crime to paint it like that, just a misdemeanour".
  14. adrian

    Post a pic that makes you LOL

    This appeared in our newspaper: It gets better. I have a cousin in Neu Zittau so I sent him a copy of this, and duly got the full story. The sheep was caught and sent to an animal welfare centre, and the owner found the sheep on the centre's Facebook page before she even realised it was...
  15. adrian

    Did We Mishear Neil Armstrong's Famous First Words

    It's always worth checking stories like this on Snopes: The aforementioned NASA transcripts: On the subject of the missing "a":
  16. adrian

    Fun games, competitions or challenges to do at launches?

    One empty toilet roll. One D12-5. Nose, fins, motor mount and recovery are up to you. Provided the rocket is stable, the contest is duration. Confectionery rockets. The body is a former container of confectionery, e.g. a Smarties tube. You're not allowed a conventional body tube decorated...
  17. adrian

    Post a pic that makes you LOL

    Original Series crew shirts: Command officers wear gold, expendable engineers and security wear red. Next Generation crew shirts: Command officers wear red, expendable engineers and security wear gold. When did the Redshirt Revolution happen? Meanwhile, back on the original USS Enterprise:
  18. adrian

    Today's brainteaser

    Question: "What's two and two?" Mathematician: "That's easy. Four." Computer scientist: "No, two AND two is two. If he'd said 'two PLUS two', it would be four." Lawyer: "For $1000, what would you like it to be?" n + 24 * INT(ln(n)/ln(5))