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  1. Fishhead

    Estes Generic E2X

    That's my Challenger-1. As I recall, those decals were insanely easy to do via inkjet. This was one of my early eBay deals. The body tube needed to be replaced and I was able to reuse the rest of the old rocket. It's due for another flight.
  2. Fishhead

    Missile Toe Goony Question

    The Missile Toe was the only Goon that I'd never built in the original size. When I noticed this I started looking through my shop scraps for the needed parts. I built it over a Thursday-Friday vacation and flew it on Saturday. It's also the only one I've built that was 13mm power since the...
  3. Fishhead

    Centuri - Red Eye (#5346) Gallery

    Looks great when finished, but the foil stickers don't stick well at all.
  4. Fishhead

    Estes - Astrocam 110 (#1327) Gallery

    This is an original AstroCam that I purchased in an eBay lot as a "body in white". I printed off some decals and painted the fin can. First flight was this past Saturday before the rain hit. No film. I'm not that loaded.
  5. Fishhead

    Estes - Dark Energy

    Yeah, I found the fin configuration strange, so I flipped mine around. Still not wildly aerodynamic, but it flies fine.
  6. Fishhead

    PDR - Pimp Daddy Rocketry question

    I flew a couple of my PDR birds yesterday and posted some pics on Facebook. Someone asked what PDR was and I checked EMRR/RocketReviews to see what kits were listed under the name. Very few were listed and I know they had a fairly impressive lineup. I had the A-20 Demon, Cassiopeia, Starlab...
  7. Fishhead

    How many rockets does everyone have in their collection??

    According to my dashboard, I have 700 as of Sunday when I entered my Estes Low Boom SST.
  8. Fishhead

    Estes - Flutter-by

  9. Fishhead

    Estes - Protostar

  10. Fishhead

    Estes - Leviathan (#9700) Gallery

  11. Fishhead

    Big Daddy Lawn Darts... Show of Hands Please.

    Mine did it in 2001, a week before the 9/11 attacks. It was at a QUARK launch, the only one I'd ever attend at Miami Meadows Park in Milford. We were launching backed up to the trees with a huge lawn in between us and the parking area. It was the standard D-12 flight, straight up, straight...
  12. Fishhead

    Venus Probe Instructions

    Found them. PM me with your email and I'll send you a pdf.
  13. Fishhead

    How Did You Get Into Rocketry?

    We were bored in the summer of 1977 and got word that one of our neighbors was going to launch a rocket. I think we assumed bottle rocket, but when we got to his backyard, it turned out to be an Estes Scout. I don't remember what motor he used, but I suspect a C6-5 based on the distance it...
  14. Fishhead

    PDR - Starlab

    Not the easiest bird to pack a parachute in.
  15. Fishhead

    National Association of Rocketry (NAR) - Jet Freak

    This one flew off. Best built with one side weighted enough for a circular glide path. Live and learn.
  16. Fishhead

    PDR - Space Station Aquarius

    PDR clone of the Estes Space Station Aquarius