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    Wildman Hobbies Loc Semper Fi sale

    Loc Precision Semper Fi For this week end we are offering 20% off the retail price ,just put 20off in the note section and we will refund the difference.And on top of that 10% of the proceeds go to the wounded warrior project . Semper Fi
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    CP of Dark Star Extreme

    84.25 inches from the tip of the cone . How where you asking the kit designer ? I had one person ask for it in the past couple weeks. I first sent the roc sim file, then sent the dimensions .
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    Wildman Mach 3

    was the OD off on the bulk plate ?
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    Wildman Mach 3

    Thanks again for picking up the Mach 3 for me, Tony . That is a great picture also. I think it went even farther away when I flew it in Kansas. But still never made it to the mountains :)
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    New Wildman 38mm Carbon Fiber Tube!

    its there under building components. airframe carbon
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    Wildman Mach 3

    yes they do just as long as you don't mind going a little ways out to recover .
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    Redesigned Falcon 98

    We are happy to announce that we have redesigned the Carbon fiber Falcon 98 . To celebrate , We are offering 20% off this week end . Just put 20off in the note section on check out and we will refund the 20 % we have several in stock if we sell out ,we will honor the sale price but it will...
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    Wildman needs your help

    Keep them coming guys we are still missing a few. If you have a chance check out the site, i think we have almost all of these posted there.
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    Wanted Aerotech 29/ 40-120 case

    we have them in stock ready to ship
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    AeroTech Open Thread

    yes that is correct.
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    Help with a CATO

    My thoughts also
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    Help with a CATO

    Just found. The answer
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    Help with a CATO

    Where was the spacer in between the forward closure and case ?
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    Economic assistance

    This is wishful thinking . All of the bill collectors still have there hand out with no grace period and if you own a bar in Illinois you no longer have any income period
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    EVENT QCRS Club Launch March 14th

    Weather is looking maybe for Saturday but don’t let That stop you from coming out and hanging with your buddies there is a 70% of no snow or rain right now . Plus we are having the first that I Know of town hall meeting and dinner after the launch [emoji573]
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    Wildman Holiday Sales

    I sent you a quote the next day
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    Wanted Looking for Aerotech or similar 75/5120 hardware

    We have new ones in stock ready to ship
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    2020 QCRS Launch Schedule

    its a go for sure
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    New Wildman 38mm Carbon Fiber Tube!

    We are so glad you like the new carbon fiber tubing. We are trying to provide the best quality products at a fair price , while being consistently available.
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    Wildman needs your help

    Looking good folks , keep them coming