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    For Sale OOP Estes/Semroc/Hawks kits

    replied to all the PMs so far. Everything but the Outlander is pending.
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    For Sale OOP Estes/Semroc/Hawks kits

    I decided I wanted to get a Saturn IB and I could only justify buying it with thinning some of my backlog of kits. I've been holding on to some of these for awhile. All the kits were kept in plastic tubs in the back of a closet except for the Honest John which was kept on the closet shelf...
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    Cicadas are Coming

    There was a major emergence a year or two before I moved from Chicago ('89 to '91 time frame). There was so many out that you couldn't walk without stepping on several with each step. Every tree was lined with them or the empty shells that they left when going from grub to flying insect. And...
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    measuring G force

    Do you need more than the +/- 200G that the ADXL377 can handle?
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    What did you do rocket wise today?

    Understand the desire to keep weight down but the recovery connections isn't the place I'd look to cut. ACME threads are much stronger than typical threads but it's way overkill for the application. and McMaster-Carr will...
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    What did you do rocket wise today?

    You probably want an ACME or square thread for that. I've used 1/4"-20 mild steel on a 20lbs 5.5" rocket on a K motor without issue. 4" rocket on an I, you should be fine.
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    What did you do rocket wise today? Not in Canada but you should have a company that does similar.
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    What did you do rocket wise today?

    I was curious so I looked it up... AL - 40k psi tensile strength, $3.70/ft TI - 50k psi, $36.21/ft 316 Stainless - 70k psi, $2.54/ft Normal grade steel (B7) - 120k psi, $3.57/ft High-strength Steel (Grade 8) - 150k psi, $5.72/ft I'm kinda surprised. Unless you have to worry about EM...
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    What I did today -instead- of Rocketry.

    Cut and installed an 8inch hatch on my kayak. Needed more room for storage for longer paddling trips. Next I need to seal the scupper holes better to ensure a dry hull.
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    Should I be concerned about this engine order being lost?

    I have a bunch of kits and motors I'm going to bring to the next launch for sale. If your order doesn't come through, maybe I have something that'll work for you.
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    loki 75mm bulkhead threads

    Just pulled mine out of my range box. By hand, it was 8 1/2 to 9 complete turns from bottomed out to fully released. About 3/4in depth. The smoke recess has a very small vent hole that meets up to the tapped hole.
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    shear pins vs. nylon screws

    That's exactly what I do with the M2 screws. Countersunk flush with the outer body tube.
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    Suggested first cluster kit?

    Semroc Hydra VII. From 1 to 7 motors, each 18mm. Buy an Estes bulk pack of motors if you go with this kit. This is just 1 vendor that sells it but there are others that might have it cheaper. Has a very good review on the product page...
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    shear pins vs. nylon screws

    I've started using M2 screws. Nylon slotted screws for sheer pins and 304 stainless phillips for retaining screws. Both are screwed into 316 stainless tubing that has been tapped for M2 threads. On the points I want to sheer, I also use 316 stainless 0.015" shim stock on the mating surface...
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    Estes C5-3 motors available
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    A question for other clinicians

    I'm not a clinician but as a lay person, I thought a physician could refuse such things if they felt it was in the best interest of the patient. You're in a different position than most but in general I thought no one could force anyone to perform an act that they felt went contrary to their...
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    Ganahl Lumber

    I think the basis for that is the Benjamin Franklin quote "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." I don't think it applies to the current situation but I can see how some would think so.
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    Next Crewed American Space Flight on May 27

    Because sometimes the why is almost as interesting and important as the how. Launch site selection is just as much rocket science as vehicle design. At least 1 early SpaceX launch happened from Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific.
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    Next Crewed American Space Flight on May 27

    Looking at a map... Brazil, Somalia and Indonesia meet equatorial and ocean to the east. Out of the 3, only really Brazil might work but its kinda right at the mouth of the Amazon river.
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    Next Crewed American Space Flight on May 27

    I forget exactly but there are not many missions that require true equatorial orbits. I think part of it is that you'll only ever "see" the equator. If you have some amount of inclination, then as you orbit, the land you "see" changes on each orbit and so over time, you end up "seeing" nearly...