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    I'm offering this design to NASA for their manned mission to Mars.

    "The object of this rocket was never to set an altitude record, and it won't. It was to make a lot of flame and smoke." Ya know, while some rocketeers do appreciate a big black smoke trail as BYPRODUCT of the motor thrust (I think a motor called Smoky Sam as well as the newer QJets provide...
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    Cicadas are Coming

    And here I assumed everything tasted like chicken!
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    Cicadas are Coming

    So almost old enough to vote?
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    First rocket finished, stability marginal.

    “So, thinking I couldn't do the stability test, where you tie a string to the rocket and swing it in a circle, without gluing the base on the nose cone, that's what I did (Yes, I know I didn't need to.)” I am hoping you meant you did NOT glue the nose cone in place. That would make ejection of...
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    Suggested first cluster kit? Go to post 8. Easy scratch build TripleSec, three motors three body tubes, three nose cones, one launch lug, one fin.
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    I'm offering this design to NASA for their manned mission to Mars.

    Go ahead and build it. It has huge fins, it should be stable. Potentially issues. Is there a motor in the main section to deploy recovery? If not, are you ducting the forward tractor motors for rear eject? You will need a “dangling” whip clip to light your forward cluster. “Dangling” means...
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    Terrier-Improved Malamute

    I don’t know if it’s improved, bit it’s cute, and I’ll bet you it’ll eat your card stock rocket for lunch! And it is perfectly scaled! Alaskan Malamute, American Staffordshire Terrier From the Land Down Under
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    Estes Generic E2X

    The extension of the mount beyond the tail cone with a Mylar wrap does double duty, although it does cost you 1/4” to1/2” in CP the rocket can likely handlie it First, it looks cool if done in silver, kind of like a metallic nozzle, Second, since you are omitting the engine hook, you can...
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    Mask Wearing Rant

    1. No evidence the mask protects the wearer from getting the virus. That is pretty much agreed upon. 2. Mask does reduce the spread of virus from both symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers. That is strongly suggested by studies, perhaps not definitively proven There are people...
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    The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog - Real Engineering

    My favorite is the Navy version with the NOSE hook!
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    Mask Wearing Rant

    Nobody should call anyone not wearing masks idiots. It does however remind me of the rabbi on Fiddler on the Roof. When asked if there was a blessing for the Czar, he replied, “A blessing for the Czar? Of course, my son. May God bless and keep the Czar.....far away from us!”
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    Why Is NO ONE Designing BOOST GLIDERS & ROCKET GLIDERS For Maximum Performance ?

    I’d say start a new thread, it will get more focused attention.
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    Bumble Bertha

    Well, at least one more similarity to the Apollo missions!
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    Lakeroadster's "Hammerhead Shark"

    Okay, first, this puppy by definition is an OddRoc no matter HOW you paint it! Second, if you are trying to make it realistic, I get the eyes on the stalks, the painted on mouth, the painted on gill slits, the fins..... that would make the motor.........
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    More Half-Baked Designs Thread

    @rcktman actually built and flew this Although I can’t find his post on it. Essentially a sliding ring, works as a fin during boost and a canard after burn string breaks and ring slide forward to canard position. I still...
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    Fin edge finishing

    Der MicroMeister, God bless him, used to say that while true airfoiling (teardrop rounded front, tail end tapered to a point) was optimal, rounded forward and rear fins were a great improvement in aerodynamics over flat edges. Rounded edges or flat are much more DURABLE than a true tapered...
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    QuickDip pyrogen & ATF

    I don’t think I could drink for 8 hours straight, I’m Air Force. Don’t smoke within 8 hours and don’t drink within 100 feet of the aircraft.
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    Introducing myself...

    Welcome and good flying to you. Most of us have had our shots and some of us are housebroken! Have fun!
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    Mask Wearing Rant

    Lol, wow, I do a build thread and I am fortunate to get 50 views, I talk about masks and thread gets y2k. I AM wondering if I can get a rough consensus on the original topic, if you ARE going to wear a mask, wear it right, putting it over your nose and mouth. Leaving it hanging on your chin...