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  1. jimzcatz

    Are "PLUGGED" Motors Legal To Fly ?

    dont plug them just remove the bp having several manufacturers give me eadvice over the years I would ave no trouble with their suggestions as being ok.
  2. jimzcatz

    Ejection Baffle Where do I place It?

    in the trash
  3. jimzcatz

    the hated glassine

    Finally!! I been saying for years all you need is a damp cloth. Learned that from Loc's instructional video from the ancient past. But nooooo, everyone says gotta sand it! Welcome to the 21st century.
  4. jimzcatz

    Adept ALTS25 manual wanted

    I have what you need in my box, but I'm starting my 2nd week in the hospital today. I will find it when I get back home. Damned Afib.
  5. jimzcatz

    Does wicking a cardboard tube with CA add any strength?

    The exact opposite, it's turns it into brittle phenolic.
  6. jimzcatz

    Where to go to paint?

    I paint outside in my yard
  7. jimzcatz

    Using Side Thrusters on a missile to create an angular acceleration

    This has no place on this forum.
  8. jimzcatz

    Adept Altimeters

    I have instructions at home if you need jumper settings.
  9. jimzcatz

    Adept Altimeters

    Brown /black power, orange/ red apogee,yellow green main
  10. jimzcatz

    Official lockdown loopholes

    No loophole here. Business as usual for me.
  11. jimzcatz

    "BACK IN THE DAY" . . . Feel free to CONTRIBUTE !

    You mean Bruce Kelly. Lee was treasurer for years.
  12. jimzcatz

    A Rocket That Launches Attached To A Horizontal Track That Transitions To Vertical

    I can't believe you are supporting this. This us plainly against any and all safety codes. ANYTHING, and I repeat ANYTHING propelled along a horizontal path is against the coded. No ifs and or buts. Plain and simple. No gray area. The fact that you can't get that through your "hold my beer"...
  13. jimzcatz

    For Sale Vintage Estes Saturn V

    It's not a "vintage" anything. It's part #2157 released few years back. After the #2001 and before the current #1969. Still a nice kit. If you paid 112.50 you was robbed.
  14. jimzcatz

    SOLD Collector motors

    The synerjets will be fine. I have several still work.
  15. jimzcatz

    For Sale Large Aerotech Inventory Available Reloads and Hardware

    Bill can't ship hazmat items. Most citizens can't.
  16. jimzcatz

    Introduction and Statement of Intent.

    Sugar motors are most certainly allowed at Tripoli launches. That being said, it must be a research launch, which most Tripoli launches are.
  17. jimzcatz

    Introduction and Statement of Intent.

    I sincerely doubt those tubes will handle the pressure of APCP motors. Maybe as a liner in an aluminum case.
  18. jimzcatz

    aerotech liners

    Yes, just make sure same length and grains fit OK.
  19. jimzcatz

    Flying with a Club !!!

    I have never had an offset core wobble. It shouldn't. The nozzle is square where it's sposed to be