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  1. Tiger

    Transfer inkjet photo to wood

    So this could make for some very cool plywood fins, figured I would pass on the link to this video while I try to brainstorm a use for this myself.
  2. Tiger

    Any update on the AltimeterThree from Jolly Logic?

    I am excited for the A3 for sure!!
  3. Tiger

    That's Odd... Argent Instructions...

    wait.. yours came with decals??? mine didn't have any. i had to paint on all the black and orange stripes!
  4. Tiger

    Estes Cosmic Explorer Build

    I agree with the idea of staying stock on the first one. That many mods you're likely to alter the CG and have to mess with recomputing that and messing with adding nose weight, so if you say you want to "start small" I wouldn't go too crazy! Aero pack retainers are very nice, but so expensive...
  5. Tiger

    NARCON 2014

    I had a great time, the panels were excellent and the sunday tour was just amazingly cool!
  6. Tiger

    Recovering a Used Spray Paint Can

    Easiest way is to steal a nozzle off a diff can and try that. Otherwise clean the nozzle the best you can with whatever solvents you have handy. Also if the paint is old, soak it in super hot water for an hour or so before shaking like crazy.
  7. Tiger

    Secret Santa 2013

    Is it time for everyone to just come clean yet??
  8. Tiger

    Very impressive card model!

    5 years for one model? Not my cup of tea, but it's pretty impressive!
  9. Tiger

    Rebooting 'Cosmos': Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Why Iconic TV Series Returns in 2014

    this cannot come soon enough! bravo mr tyson!!
  10. Tiger

    Ultimate Rocket Fin Guide. Three different models to choose from.

    variable fin thickness is my concern here as well
  11. Tiger

    Custom Transition Needed

    Open Rocket will split large transitions over multiple printed pages you can cut out and then glue/tape together.
  12. Tiger

    Epoxy Basics

    yea, half the time I watch John's videos I'm just thinking to myself, "how does he keep his workshop so clean??" do you never sand your rockets?? :-D
  13. Tiger

    Uh oh!!!! Proline 4500 epoxy in carpet!!!!!!

    Patching any carpet spot/stain is pretty easy. If you have any scraps from the install saved, of course grab one of those. Or find a hidden spot like in the back of the closet to cut out a patch big enough to cover the damage. Cut around the spot the exact same size as your patch. Glue the...
  14. Tiger

    Epoxy Basics

    Yes I watched it last night. Awesome! I just got my first fiberglass kits from Wildman and lots of much needed info !!
  15. Tiger

    CNC Routing Intro

    Nice intro video! No TechSpaces anywhere near me yet, but I do have a Makerspace that just started up. Unfortunately, they don't have any CNC machines yet, but other more mature ones probably do.
  16. Tiger

    Plastic Nose Cone Mods

    Was a great video thanks for making it.
  17. Tiger

    Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

    Yea this poll needed a "both" option
  18. Tiger

    Recommend Me A Surveilance DVR System

    I'm happy with my dropcams. I only pay for the web DVR for the front door one to save $$
  19. Tiger

    Secret Santa 2013

    Aargh. I got so busy packing and had to leave super early to make my flight and I didn't peek at my gift before I left, so now I have to wait until Jan 3rd to open it. Is there a rocket withdrawals hot line I can call??
  20. Tiger

    How I spend time in my Rocket Workshop

    but it's my great planes sanding bar that i'm always losing! hehe