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  1. jetra2

    Kits, RMS Casings, Electronics FOR SALE (make an offer!)

    Here are the images of the items for sale:
  2. jetra2

    Kits, RMS Casings, Electronics FOR SALE (make an offer!)

    Greetings, I have to sell some of my kits and accessories in order to make room for the future... All of the asking prices on these items are negotiable. I accept Postal Money Orders. Shipping will be USPS actual. For the kits, they will be shipped Flat Rate, so $10.70, for the cases and...
  3. jetra2

    Tour de Deuce - Revamped!

    Oh, Eugene, there won't be any dragging... I'll be there faster than a Tres on D10's.
  4. jetra2

    Secret Rocket Balls Target WMD Bunkers

    It looks like, based on the thrust curve, that it's a dozen or so unguided G or H motors with small balls of propellant on them that get ignited for the most epic FLAMING BALLS OF FIERY DEATH ever!! w00t!
  5. jetra2

    Go for the biggest piece!

    Are you sure you're not the evil one? Everyone *should* know that all Mirror Universe Twins have goatees...
  6. jetra2

    Tour de Deuce - Revamped!

    I wish I had the time or energy to get this rolling again. I've not been active in rocketry at all since last summer and that was only to launch a few LPR at the local park. I am sorry and I sincerely apologize to all those that have invested their time and energy in the project. Please, if...
  7. jetra2

    Tour de Deuce - Revamped!

    Hey Jim, It's been a while since I poked my head in here...I just haven't been focusing on rocketry hardly at all recently. Is there anything I can do to help out? Jason
  8. jetra2

    Billy Mays Dead At 50

    There's a movement that started on Billy Mays III's Twitter account that is asking people to "Wear Blue For Billy." I'm going to wear blue, just because I came to respect him after watching Pitchmen. The tag is #wearblue4billy . Add it, do it out of respect if you feel so led. Jason
  9. jetra2

    Gardening time

    I have three avocado pits germinating in my back window, soaking up the warm FL sun. One has a shoot about an inch long, two good roots, and will be ready to plant in about 3 weeks. I've been thinking about putting a planter together, but there's not a lot of room in our backyard after a...
  10. jetra2

    Cesaroni Blue Streak propellant

    Anyone remember the "good ol' days" when it was just "Standard" and "Smokey Sam" ?? I do! Wow, I feel a wee bit experienced! I can't wait to try some of this! Jason
  11. jetra2

    Ares I-X assembly photos

    Is there a set date for the first test launch? The site there said July 2009. I'd like to go and see that in person! Jason
  12. jetra2

    Tour de Deuce - Revamped!

    I'm still out here, but as Jim said...other things have taken priority in my life as of recent. If the new volunteers that are going to help coordinate need anything, please, just let me know, and I will do what I can to help. Thanks, Jason
  13. jetra2

    Website Administration using Joomla! v1.0.12

    Hey all, I'm currently working on updating my church's website. It's a bit of a hobby for me to work on these things, and currently I am a bit lost. The website can be found here: I'm currently working on updating the photos to something more recent, and also...
  14. jetra2

    Cert rockets

    L1- Polecat 5.5" Thumper - Pro38 4G Standard I. About 1600' L2- BSD Thor - Pro54 2G J210 Standard. About 4000' L3...yeah, right!?! Unfortunately I let my NAR membership expire last year and I haven't been able to get to renew it or fly much of anything since then. :( Jason
  15. jetra2

    Remember the Great loss 28Jan1986 Challenger

    I was still only a thought in God's head when it happened, but I wanted to comment here... For those of you that still have tapes of the events, let me encourage you to dig those out and get them transferred to DVD! Those tapes will not last forever! Thanks all, Jason
  16. jetra2

    Too close for comfort...

    Ha! I've actually ordered from them! It's good stuff! Jason
  17. jetra2

    Tour De Deuce Project

    From the post about 5 above this one...;) Completed: (in order of appearance) Florida New York Virginia Hawai'i Tennessee Georgia Alabama Mississippi Winsconsin Kentucky Arizona North Carolina South Carolina Texas Missouri Iowa Vermont Minnesota Oregon Montana Maine Washington Nebraska...
  18. jetra2

    Too Much Lube In Motor

    But it does the job just fine, is readily available, and is cheap! Jason
  19. jetra2

    HUGE ROCKETRY SALE - Priced to move!

    I would like to offer a 4-day sale on the electronics, the HPR kits, and the remaining motor hardware. From 12 noon EST today until 12 noon EST Saturday the 15th, the prices for those will be as follows: Missileworks RRC2 Serial #2754 $65 + $5 ($15 off!) XAVIEN Dual Stage Recovery Timer...
  20. jetra2

    Social Networking?

    Just tell her: "Don't look at me with that tone of face!" :pirate: Jason