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  1. lamart72

    12 April

    Today is the Anniversary of two great events. 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. 12 April 1981, STS-1 was the first orbital flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia.
  2. lamart72

    My Windows Phone was stolen. How does ATT track it?

    My new Nokia Lumia 1020 was stolen from my work on Friday. I called ATT and reported it stolen and then went to their website to lock the phone. Can someone explain how this works? My new phone was only 8 days old and ATT gave me a new SIM card to put into my old Nokia Lumia 900. So now I have...
  3. lamart72

    Interceptor E

    Accur8man is John Pursley. He is one of the best scale modelers out there. Check out his page at
  4. lamart72

    Cheap Estes PS II AP motors at Hobby Lobby

    I stopped by the Hobby Lobby in San Antonio on Bandera today and found two packs of F15-0 for 32.99, some E16-4 and -6 for 24.99 and some F16-6 and -8 for 27.99. I was going to get one pack of the F16-6 and use my 40% coupon and decided to go and look thru the clearance section. I found...
  5. lamart72

    Hopefully last update 1/31/14Prayers requested post 46

    As a former flight medic and volunteer fire chief, I can say that he is truly lucky to have survived without head or spinal injuries! My wife and I will pray for him tonight and in the future until he makes a full recovery. Can you tell me his name so that we may include him our prayers? You can...
  6. lamart72

    GOCE would make a cool looking rocket

    I have been building and flying rockets for many years and I know what modifications would need to be made to make it flyable. That's why I said "semi-scale". I know it would need an extended body tube up front to keep the cg/cp locations correct. I just like the overall look of the angular body...
  7. lamart72

    GOCE would make a cool looking rocket I just read this and noticed that this satellite looks like it could easily be made into a flyable stable semi-scale rocket. Oh by the's supposed to re-enter soon!:hot:
  8. lamart72

    1/50 scale Saturn 1b

    It looks great! I started working on mine again after putting it away for almost 2 years. It will be almost identical to yours except that I am using a 38mm central tube and will have an interchangeable motor mount for either 4 24mm or 1 29mm or 1 38mm motor. I only have the 4 24 mount built so...
  9. lamart72

    Who wants Estes D11-P motors?

    I would buy a few also for the outer engines on my 8 engine clustered scratch 1/50 Saturn 1B!
  10. lamart72

    1/50 scale Saturn 1b

    Do you have any updates on this rocket? Have you flown it yet?
  11. lamart72

    RC Rocket Corvette

    Not sure if this has been posted already but it was interesting to watch.
  12. lamart72

    LOC Weasel build - my Xmas gift to myself

    Thanks for the comments. I will be adding epoxy fillets to the fins. I have used medium CA initially followed by epoxy fillets for small plywood fins like this and have never had any problems. I use wood glue for balsa fins because they seem to soak it up better than CA. I always cut away the...
  13. lamart72

    LOC Weasel build - my Xmas gift to myself

    I glued the motor mount in after I checked to make sure the motor hook would clear the end of the body tube at max extension. I also cut off the end of the motor hook so it wouldn't burn off during Max Q.:cyclops: I will have more soon. Thanks for watching.
  14. lamart72

    LOC Weasel build - my Xmas gift to myself

    The fin warping was very minor and it only took very slight pressure to make them straight again. I cut a straight slot in a piece of cardboard and slid it over the fin hoping it would straighten it out but it was still curved. So then I cut a very slightly curved slot in the cardboard and slid...
  15. lamart72

    LOC Weasel build - my Xmas gift to myself

    I carefully shaped the trailing edges of the fins with a disc sander and finished them by hand with a sanding block using 220 and 320 sandpaper. The fins are very good quality birch plywood but they ended up with a very slight warp.
  16. lamart72

    Estes Limited edition Sat-V

    The shipping is very high on that one. Here is one that's a little more reasonable price overall
  17. lamart72

    If its O degrees fahrenheit...

    Well let's see....2 times 0 is I used to live in Nashua.
  18. lamart72

    Body tube end repair question.

    Yes, you could cut off just enough to get to tube thats in better shape. If you cut off more than 1/2 inch though, you might need to add a bit of weight to the nose cone to stay stable. I use thin CA to strengthen body and motor tubes.
  19. lamart72

    What's your biggest Hobby failure?

    I had built an RC high wing 4 ch trainer while in high school and had a few good flights on it. My best friend and his cousin who was in the Navy and about to start flight school came over and I showed it to them. He went nuts over it and wanted to buy it right there. I thought it over for a...
  20. lamart72

    Battlestar Galactica Laser Torpedo (Clone)

    I never realized how similiar this is to the Estes Photon Disruptor I just got on clearance at HobbyLobby for $5.39! I like your clone better!