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  1. Prowler901


    Great Site :D Not only is there good rocketry information, but it is extremely entertaining as well. Great bunch of guys there. Regards, Todd
  2. Prowler901

    Empire Rockets???

    Sounds good Vin. I know it must be difficult trying to run an upstart business from your home. Especially when your home is moving ;) I'm happy with the quality of material you sent to me. And, I look forward to purchasing one of you Nike Ajax models soon. Oh, and welcome to TRF. This is...
  3. Prowler901

    Rockets and Model Railroading

    I'm an avid Colorado narrow gauge fan. But, since I don't have the space or the money for a real layout right now, I do all my railroading on my PC :) Here's a my K-27 sitting at the Ridgway, CO depot. Regards, Todd
  4. Prowler901

    I'm leaving for the Navy on February 3rd.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas, Shipmate :) I enjoyed my Navy experience. Thanks for choosing to serve your country. I know you'll make us all proud. Best Regards, Todd
  5. Prowler901

    Here's to Opportunity

    They think that Opportunity has landed in a small shallow crater. Approximately 20m across, and 2 or 3m deep. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?!!! And, it looks like a much larger and very interesting crater is within 1/2 a mile of Opportunity. This is way to cool! :D Regards, Todd
  6. Prowler901

    Cim 10b Bomarc

    Hey Todd, Where did you get the NARTS data CD from? Regards, Todd
  7. Prowler901

    1st mars pics

    They do exist.... ROFL:D That's too funny! Regards, Todd
  8. Prowler901

    Newbie here, and a pic of my current fleet

    Wow! Those are some fine looking birds you got there. Great job on the finishes. :) This is the best place for rocketry information. And, the folks here are very cool and helpful. Glad to have you with us. Regards, Todd
  9. Prowler901

    FlisKits announces Body Tube Extravaganza!

    Good on ya, Jim. That's a really great move. Fliskits is just about my one-stop-rocket-shop now :D Thanks a bunch. Regards, Todd
  10. Prowler901

    Estes "E"

    Well now, this is really turning out to be quite an informative thread :D Regards, Todd
  11. Prowler901

    Empire Rockets???

    I bought both the 1/24 and 1/12 kits from Empire. Shipping was very slow. It was almost 4 weeks before I got them. I emailed him several times. Got a reply on all but one. He was always very courteous. Did say he was quite busy. Seems he is building his own house. You'll get your kit...
  12. Prowler901

    Estes "E"

    Yeah Jim. How about your 5 motor cluster in the Phoenix. :D Ballanced out with the appropriate nose weight, of course. ;) Regards, Todd
  13. Prowler901

    Fliskit's clusters...

    I ordered the 5 motor cluster yesterday, along with some BT-70 tubes. The main body of the rocket is BT-80. So, I'll make a motor mount tube out of the BT-70. I wanted to put a slight boat tail on it, so that is why it is designed this way. Sandman, I might need to order a nosecone from...
  14. Prowler901

    Fliskit's clusters...

    Yup, that is my plan. Got to build it and test it first though :D Time to order some pieces and parts. ;) Regards, Todd
  15. Prowler901

    Fliskit's clusters...

    got me to thinking... which is always dangerous ;) Here's a design I'm thinking about building using the 5 motor cluster. With an E9 and four A3's she screams up to about 800' in the simulations. Now, I just need a cool name :) Regards, Todd
  16. Prowler901

    Island Pond Railroad

    n3tjm, where in Az did you grow up? I was born in Tucson, and we lived there till I was 11. We went up McNary, Az a lot and rode the White Mountain Scenic RR. My Dad painted the engines and caboose for them one summer. We always had a great time there. We also rode the Durango & Silverton...
  17. Prowler901

    Tres #97 arrived

    Sorry :o Did not mean to offend :D Todd
  18. Prowler901

    ADV: Semroc announces the Rocket-Rack

    Yup, that'd do it ;) My only concern is that some 24mm models might be too heavy for this design. I just dry fit my first one together last night. I'd have glued it if it weren't for being on the phone helping my Dad with Trainz (love that program). But, I have to say this... this thing...
  19. Prowler901

    Another Media Hoax... or is this happening?

    I must agree with you on this one Astro. Personally I don't think there'd be a policy change like this if it weren't for the success of the Chinese Space Program, and the fact that it is an election year. But, I'm all for it. Personally, I feel that if we are to survive as a species, we must...
  20. Prowler901

    Tres #97 arrived

    Jeez! How do you crank these things out so fast?! ;) That is seriously cool! Really neat design. Could this be a future addition to the Flisfleet? ;) Regards, Todd