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  1. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    Sorry about not keeping this thread current but on the up swing, I'm happy to report all is well. In November (07) Yvette went for her last surgery (plastic) and has recently returned to work after a very speedy recovery. Her chemo is long since been completed and I'm happy to say there were...
  2. flying_silverad

    An apology and a sad announcement….

    Well guys, it's been a while since my last post. Yvette is well under way with her Chemo treatments. She is in phase II which will last until about 2 months (Once every week) then here final stretch which will last for another 9 months after that (Once every 3 weeks). The only side effect so far...
  3. flying_silverad

    Thrustline- New Kit

  4. flying_silverad

    ...Next Model-"Star Hauler"

  5. flying_silverad

    An apology and a sad announcement….

    I am sorry to say that after some long and hard thought, I have decided to close until further notice. As most of you know, I have had my hands full since my wife was diagnosed with cancer back in December. What you might not know is that for the past 4 years I was the sole...
  6. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    Monday was Yvette's first day of Chemo. We arrived at about 12 and after they checked her vitals (which they do every apppointment) it was off to insert her I.V. line. We met with the oncologist so she could tell us what to expect and to get a briefing on the four different meds she has to take...
  7. flying_silverad

    Thrustline site update thread...

    Finally added a page for controllers and launch pads!
  8. flying_silverad

    Thrustline Back in gear on the 7th...

    I will re-open on 7th and will be catching up on the orders. As some of you might have noticed, I did ship and process some orders in March. I am still processing those and others as they come in. We will have some slower shipping times than you folks have been used to, but as I say on the...
  9. flying_silverad

    Should the use of hand cell phones be outlawed during driving.

    Should there be a law preventing the use of any hand held cell phones while operating a motor vehicle?
  10. flying_silverad

    Estes 2007 Catalog

    Anyone know of any on-line vendor that is selling all of the NEW 2007 line-up?
  11. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    Brookline? Was on Cypress street Monday. Talk about close...
  12. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    Monday and Tuesday (we stayed overnight) we were in Boston again for an Oncology and plastic surgeon visit. Neither were routine. The oncology visit revealed a treatment plan that will last about 15 months starting with chemo and ending with a treatment of drugs that I can seem to remember the...
  13. flying_silverad

    Thrustline vs PDRocketry

    Hi James! Great questions and observations. When I first started offering parts packs I made the decision to not offer decals with the kits for two reasons. 1- Copyright issues. 2- Just didn't have the time to do the decals. There's actually a third reason.... Phred makes great decals! At the...
  14. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    Thanks Dave Actually, there has been support from both family and friends. My mom has been making meals and since she lives right down the road, I can simply pop out and get them when they are ready. My Aunt was here all this week and was supposed to stay until Saturday, but because of the...
  15. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    Monday, we received confirmation that coincides with the initial dissection of Yvette's lymph nodes during her surgery. The pathology report we received Monday showed that all the nodes were in fact clean and that radiation will NOT be needed. This was GREAT news for Yvette as if radiation was...
  16. flying_silverad

    New BT-55 builds!

    I think the Goblin fins look a little large. The only reason I say this is I made the same mistake when I printed out the patterns. It will still fly and still looks cool but they are probably larger than the original. Nice job on all!
  17. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    We came home on Tuesday. It's about 90 miles from the hospital to the door and I know every pothole between the two. During the two hour road trip, she had a pillow behind her and one in front to help buffer any movement. But even still, an occasional bridge joint made her wince slightly. We...
  18. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    It has now been three days since her surgery and she is getting stronger every day. Today was a huge leap forward as she has walked about 100' (total) Still pretty sore but they have found a good combination of drugs that are keeping the pain to a min and still not making here sick to her...
  19. flying_silverad

    Need Your Help

    Well, it's the day after surgey. The primary surgen said that an intial disection of one of her lymph nodes showed no sign of cancer. The final lab report will come in 8 days but at this point, radiation may not be needed! She was in surgery for a total of 9 hours yesterday. In recovery by 5PM...