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    Andy, that is just...way cool! :D I have an Interceptor E, but it's still in the build box. I'm trying to re-hone my finishing skills before tackling that or an OT.
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    Rest In Peace

    Bummer. :( I had my own M-R lying on top of my car a few weeks ago, ready to take it onto the field. Wind blew it off and the escape tower was pretty much destroyed. Now, it flies without it just fine, but it's not the same... On the other hand, an overly excited Scout lost my Nemesis a couple...
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    W A C A chutes on EBAY again!!!

    I got the exact same thing. Very nicely done, and perfect for the mid-size birds that are too big for 12s but too small for 18s. I am puzzled over the shroud layout though; there's eight lines, and they kind of cross over each other. If you have one, you know how they are. It's kind of odd.
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    What's up with EMRR???

    Yup, figured that's what it was. Every time I tried to load the site, the address book app tried to launch. It's not my default contact file, so I knew it was happening and shut everything down. Trend caught it the first time and flagged it as a trojan. Glad to hear you're aware...I wasn't sure...
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    MC2--Lance Baxter on NPR this morning!

    How about that? Just as I am getting back into rocketry in a big way, and looking around for where MC2's site went (changed from .org to .com) I hear the advisor on the radio talking about the Arnold Development Center, where he's the media liason, and I'm sure I don't have the title right...
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    Sad day for Paper Rockets

    Or Kroger. Yesterday I was in Kroger and saw a hanging display of Quest's "Flics" paper rockets. Rubber-band powered, sure, but still Quest, and kinda cool to see in a Kroger...
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    Estes Reintroducing Some Old Kits

    And the Wolverine. Don't forget the Wolverine! At least they did honor my request for a reissue of the Photon Disruptor...looks like that wish will come true anyway! :D
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    Let's Make It To Space! A Little LPR Forum Idea!

    Burned a LOT of black powder yesterday! Here's our totals, all heights estimated rather conservatively (with some help from WRASP.) Snitch, C6, 300', surprisingly high for the UFO! Patriot, B6, 400', Freecycle rocket, blew out the exhaust nozzle on ejection but recovered undamaged. Eagle...
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    Estes Red Alert

    "Ask and ye shall receive", huh? :D
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    How high have you gone?

    However high a fully-loaded Comanche-3 goes is as much as I've gotten. Estes claimes 2600+, but it was breezy at Southern Thunder in 05, so I don't claim but 2000. I can come close to that with our Wart-Hog on a G80 too, but I can't prove it.
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    50 launches before age 5

    That is just priceless. Reminds me of my own son at an MC2 launch a couple of years ago. Congratulations to Akie! :five:
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    Arch Nemesis Mk2

    My first go-round as a BAR was in 2002, and it's in the catalog that year, and I think it stayed there through 2004 or 5. Thanks! I really enjoy the smaller kits, especially when there's room (and reason) for some creativity.
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    Arch Nemesis Mk2

    All right, here goes. First post of a pic for me here. This is the Arch Nemesis Mk2 atop an iMac, which, if you look closely, is playing Shriekback's Nemesis, from their terrific album, "Oil and Gold".
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    Arch Nemesis Mk2

    This is my first such post here, so be kind...I am not so much a BAR as I am a BABAR, and I'm sure you can figure that out. Anyway, during my tenure as a BAR, I built an Estes Nemesis at my son's urging and was really surprised as how much I enjoyed the build and the finishing process. The bird...
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    Estes Red Alert

    Yup, I believe that's it, I think. I got a boxful of stuff from someone on FreeCycle and they were both in it, along with some other choice bits, some already built but most not. One is a Little Joe II I am looking forward to. I imagine Estes doesn't make 13mm boosters anymore, so I may have...
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    Estes Red Alert

    Great to see a build thread on this, as I have one, still in the package. I'm looking forward to building it. I also have a 13mm two-stager of which I don't recall the name, got them from the same source. I am enjoying the tips, keep 'em coming!
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    Estes Apogee II build

    That was my first stager too. Never flown as anything but top stage, unfortunately. Them small field blues...
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    Vintage Estes Big Bertha Build

    What did you use to fill the spirals?
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    Is epoxy over kill?

    Hey, Andy! What's up? I use epoxy when I'm building heavy. My Really Big Daddy was done in epoxy. I believe my son could step on that one and the fins would remain attached.
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    Vintage Estes Big Bertha Build

    They still were as of the last time I built one (my second.) I don't know that I used it all. I also added a 3/16 lug for when I fly it with a 24mm motor and want a beefier launch rod.