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  1. arthur dent

    TLP build...Scimitar

    I really love these TLP kits but they are almost impossible to get over here in the U.K. I have a HARPOON that has been repaired so many times that the bodytube is just about the only original part.
  2. arthur dent

    the perfect deployment....

    Im not sure what happened.The igniter went of with a loud pop with out lighting any of the motor at all.But there was enough force to eject the chute and crack the retainer.:surprised:
  3. arthur dent

    the perfect deployment....

    This is my LOC lV on a pro 38 G classic motor.An absolutely perfect deployment.......pity it didnt make it off the launch rail:rotflol:
  4. arthur dent

    Cyder(master) House Rules - UK tv

    :) brilliant tv lol but looks like you need this rocket dan..
  5. arthur dent

    Dates For Ukra 2006 ????

  6. arthur dent

    LOC fantom exl fin problem.

    Thanks for your replies.This is my first duel deploy kit so i wanted it to go well.i have had LPR kits fly just fine with fins like this so im not to worried..i think the fantom is excellent especially as it comes with an alt bay and both drouge and main chute.The build so far is straight...
  7. arthur dent

    LOC fantom exl fin problem.

    I have set a fin on my fantom slighty of center.It runs straight and true down the tube but it is at a slight angle.will this be a problem or should i get some replacement parts and try again.thanks for any advice.
  8. arthur dent

    AeroTech Information Release 2/16/07 - CE Approval Granted

    This is fantastic news and i would like to thank everyone who has helped make this happen.this is definately going to help make HPR more affordable.I cant wait to start usuing some of the 24mm AP motors.
  9. arthur dent

    Question about The Launch Pad Rocket Kits

    do not under estimate the power of the force
  10. arthur dent

    Question about The Launch Pad Rocket Kits

    all the ones i have built come with stock and patterns.tricky yet rewarding:D
  11. arthur dent

    So who are you all rooting for in the World Series?

    BASEBALL..its just not cricket:D
  12. arthur dent

    So who are you all rooting for in the World Series?

    i think it is because it was a competition sponsered by a newspaper called the world.but i could be wrong :confused:
  13. arthur dent

    compatibility of BSD tubes and a LOC ebay.

    i was just about to start a thread on this exact subject but you beat me too it:D :D
  14. arthur dent

    UKRA Membership

    doesnt ukra membership run from January to might be better off waiting till the new year.
  15. arthur dent

    The Three Peaks of Yorkshire

    well done hokky thats a very good time.i love the hills in the yorkshire dales and walking up one is hard enough.These days i cant go to the dales with out looking for launch sites:D
  16. arthur dent

    KLOB 2006 - UK launch

    sounds good :D
  17. arthur dent

    KLOB 2006 - UK launch

    any weather updates and does anyone know which fields are going to be used.
  18. arthur dent

    KLOB 2006 - UK launch

    Im really looking forward to KLOB.lets all pray to the wind gods for some great weather:D
  19. arthur dent

    Stargate SG-1

  20. arthur dent

    Rocket Fuel Prices

    YEAH ROFL loads of people are dead HA HA HA i might have found it funny when i was 13.I only followed the link because i thought it was a rocketry related story and perhaps if those unfueled rockets were being pointed at the U.S. it wouldnt be so lighthearted.