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  1. cydermaster

    Question about health insurance in the US

    Stay in the UK - State provided healthcare ftw! ;-)
  2. cydermaster

    Chatroom Spacked

    . ;) (please delete this post admins - its passed it's 'sell by date' ---- looks like it was a DNS propagation problem)
  3. cydermaster

    New forum rumour?

    Ah ... good point ... hoisted by my own petard ... </coat> :)
  4. cydermaster

    New forum rumour?

    A little bird has told me that a new subforum of trf is being created called the 'No Bull Science' forum: Its for atheists to discuss science without being bogged down by the views of people who think that life was created by some über being. The forum is restricted and access is only...
  5. cydermaster

    Advanced Topics - restricted access

    Thank you for that highly articulate reply.
  6. cydermaster

    Advanced Topics - restricted access

    I can't believe how badly this has been implemented. This elite forum could have been set up using another url or on a subdomain of trf. The way it stands I log on to be confronted by a forum with a racist access criteria reminding me how little freedom of speech there really is in this world...
  7. cydermaster

    Advanced Topics - restricted access

    Congrats to ITAR and TRF for being as useful to international relations as the Klu-Klux-Klan or the BNP
  8. cydermaster

    5th of November

    5/11 - one of my favourite dates on the calender. :clap: Going to a BIG display tonight (weather permitting - why Mr Fawkes couldn't of tried blowing up the houses of parliament at a more climate time of year is beyond me).
  9. cydermaster

    PML Patriot 7.5 inch 98mm build

    Its Hollandaise I think.
  10. cydermaster

    Happy Birthday, WiK!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one. :w: Now .... if only M$/Valve would pull their fingers out and get the Left4Dead2 DLC up that they promised for today ..... :bangbang: :mad: :( :bangpan: :bang: :impatient: :madnote:
  11. cydermaster

    The UPS Fairy Visited! (Ultimate Wildman)

    Thats a spack to be proud of!
  12. cydermaster

    EMRR troubles

    It spacks with a 404 error for me when I try to get to an article.
  13. cydermaster

    Dishwasher Recommendations

    ..... as a pre-heater for Hybrids ;)
  14. cydermaster


    I like the term 'Turdis' :D
  15. cydermaster


    I am soooo glad the Atlantic Ocean is the margin of safety between me and you! Have you thought of starting small and working up? Picnic tables don't fly very well either and are much safer. Cameron/Clegg Out
  16. cydermaster

    Minimum Diameter Rocket for Rattworks I90

    So where do the used train tickets come into it? ;)
  17. cydermaster

    New doughnut taste. What's up with that??!!

    Pot Noodle FTW! :)
  18. cydermaster

    Anybody ever use ""?

    We use GoDaddy for one of our work websites - it seemed the best of the bunch overall for linux hosting from the handful of companies we shortlisted. Not had any major problems as yet (4yrs) - a few minor hic-ups but they were very efficient in sorting them out.