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  1. J

    ROTW - Rockets of the World . . . QUESTION

    Your knowledge is far more in this area then mine, the FrameMaker book build was alway my deliverable . Peter may want offline to discuss with you, the advantages and disadvantages and how to go about itI I am LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT RELEASE! - John
  2. J

    ROTW - Rockets of the World . . . QUESTION

    Well, I have read the whole thread and here are my thoughts: - Peter has put in a lot of effort over many years in collecting this rocket data. Our legal system says he owns it ! He can sell copies of it or place it in the drawer under the kitchen counter and never look at it again. I do wish...
  3. J

    Building a liquid engine

    The guys you want talk to are: Rocket Research Society - They have been doing liquid stuff since 1943 and are very helpful.
  4. J

    Murphy strikes again.

    Both my local Ace Hardware’s carry 2” and smaller. And a good auto parts store, sometime they carry snap rings. John
  5. J

    For Sale Big Red Bee 70cm equipment

    What do you want for the transmitters if you sell the radio to Davdue ?
  6. J

    A few questions about BALLS attendance

    MClark --> I used to run BALLS, I now only have a minor role. And you did a very fine job of it - You have set the bar very high for the guys that come after you. Thank you for the many years of the BEST LAUNCH OF THE YEAR !!! -John Urbanski TRA-1416 (when I remember to send in the dues)
  7. J

    Free Astrobee D scale data!

    It can be hard to locate scale data on these older rockets and the data packets are a wonderful resource. I want to thank Aerojet for providing these Sounding Rocket data packets.