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    ShredStes - the great PSII massacre :)

    At our 'big' annual research launch, I organize the competitions. This year, I had a request to do something a little different and which would be open to most fliers who attended. Sooooo...... "ShredStes - The great PSII Massacre!" There were two categories, open and stock. Estes PSII kits...
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    Fiberglass motor cases - ISO info (old stuff not the new DMS. etc)

    Pete has been moving house and all sorts of rocket crap have been appearing, and then working their way over to my barn for storage. This move has helped to get the remaining Numbsters back on track (ie... flying rockets again and thinking of mixing...), and it is amazing what I am finding going...
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    Vogon Poetry MK 2 point ZZ9pluralZAlpha - BALLS - 100k ish

    Vogon Poetry.... Mk 2 Now with slightly added common sense, and less ‘go fever’ The story so far, I made a rocket, it is two stages, M to M. Ended up being a far larger monster than I initially thought, but I ran with it. At BALLS 2017, while prepping said rocket for...
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    Quad Clusta Kraken - Rebuild

    Well guys n dolls, lookie wot i found when cleaning out the garage!! do we need to rebuild this beastie?? well of course the answer is YES! all I needz is a couple of couplers. back to clusters and staging mayhem baby! Original build thread from back in 2012...
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    Oregon Rocketry Launch Schedule 2018

    AP Showers April 20-22 Spring Thunder May 18-20 NXRS June 29 - July 2 Summer Skies July 27-29 Tri-Cities Launch (WA) Aug. 31-Sept. 3 Fillible’s Folly Sept. 21-23 Rocketober Oct...
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    Kosdon TRM 54-1400 complete motor

    I find that I need to replace my hardware. If anyone has one of these that they would like to sell, please pm me.
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    AMW Slightly Bigger Daddy.. slow winter build thread

    It arrived over the weekend, gave it a bath and a 'babies first weight' run today, and then fed the raw values into Rocksim. No epoxy or anything, but I did go with a 1.5lb nose weight. This will most likely come down when I start the build and work out what it will finally look like. I ordered...
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    Daddy, I want to be a pioneer for Halloween! - Now with added NoFace!

    ... and so spacedad did this! Awesome thing is that she actually DID want to be Pioneer 9! after halloween is over, this is gonna get converted into a launchable rocket somehow!!
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    Got a spare $20K? Soviet Strizh Space Suit!

    Real Space Suit (!?) Striizh not Sokol Designed for Buran cosmonauts I will pass on...
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    BALLS 26 Videos

    Hows that for a thread title - not quite porn... well.. actually ROCKET PORN I made a couple of short videos for friends to commemorate their flights and thought that I would share on here. If anyone else has videos of BALLS flights that they wish to share, feel free to add them here. MODS -...
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    Pics of Solar Eclipse from Oregon

    I managed to snap the ISS crossing the eclipse!!!
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    OROC Desert Heat CANCELLED

    Desert Heat Oregon rocketry 25-27th aug Brothers, Oregon CANCELLED due to extreme fire risk.
  13. Salvage-1

    75mm Aerotech rear closure for use on MD sustainer

    Howdy, I am in need of an Aerotech 75mm rear closure that has been machined down to fit inside a 3" tube so that I can use an At motor as sustainer in a two stage project. If anyone out there has one, or could do the machining, pls drop me a msg. Thanks Rob / S1
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    Head end ignition module.

  15. Salvage-1

    Ellis vs AMW 75mm specs... are they compat?

    I dont have access to my micrometer at the moment, so, i will just ask here. I have a Gorilla 75/6000 and an Ellis 76/7000 From the outside, they look the same size, length, diam, etc., but without measuring I cant be sure. Are they compatible with each other? The snap ring grooves, etc...
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    AMW spec 75-7600 case only must be flyable

    I am in need of a 75-7600 case, I don't care if it is ratty looking, carbon scorched, etc., etc., I just need it to be flyable Yup I have contacted AG-71 for a new one, but I will still buy your old(er) one if the price is right. Gorilla Green would be perfect!
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    Vogon Poetry - 2 stage - old thread

    So... I haven't done a build thread in a while. I need to rectifly that! I also have fallen in with rather bad company, they seem to egg me on and encourage my madness. Just after NXRS this last weekend, someone got an itch to make another two stage. It all started with a name. Vogon...
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    One of our own gets to be a spaceman??

    NASA Astronaut Candidate round 2017 This young face looks rather familiar... Wouldn't this be Woody of Mosquito and Flag Rocket fame??
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    Moto-Joe (Vendor) anyone heard of them

    I am looking for a specific motor and found a website It looks up to date, etc, but I have never heard of these guys. Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks S1
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    Another L1000 story...

    .... or "How I created Aerotechs Largest Medusa Nozzle!!!" This last weekend I was up in the Oregon High Desert with OROC attending their Spring Thunder event. I had with me an L1000 which has been last in my motor box for the last two years glaring at me and daring me to fly it. Well, this...