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  1. rbeckey


    Last time I went in for a check-up the Doc said he'd know more after the autopsy. Is that bad?
  2. rbeckey

    Find my Iphone

    Apologize for not responding. I didn't read this till today. Sometimes threads seem to be marked "read" before I see them. I did not go to a launch this weekend. I have actually never been to an organized launch or ever even seen rockets launched by any other person except my immediate family...
  3. rbeckey

    Auto manufacturers suck

    It took me 45 minutes to change out the low beam headlights on my Odyssey van. Just six little screws. Yeah, right. Apparently they are meant to be changed by bionic mutant ninja elves instead of 250 pound 6'3" people with arthritis. Next time one goes out I'll just crash into a bridge abutment...
  4. rbeckey

    Find my Iphone

    I have noticed that if the phone isn't used for a while for a call or text it seems that the location may default to what appears to be the last tower pinged. Noticed while checking the son's phone. Doesn't happen that way all the time, but it has happened to me.
  5. rbeckey

    Minwax Wood Hardener

    Acetone is the solvent in Minwax Wood Hardener.
  6. rbeckey

    Stenciling Rockets vs Decals

    I mask, paint with the base color on top of the mask, then spray the second color. I don't get any bleed that way.
  7. rbeckey

    Finishing tips

    Prior to attaching the fins to the rocket I rub Fill n Finish into the grain. After it is completely dry I sand it and use sanding sealer then sanding again. Primer usually takes care of any tiny flaws left. BT spirals are taken care of with Fill n Finish.
  8. rbeckey

    Finishing Balsa Nose cones

    The finish epoxy I used was also Bob Smith Industries as sold at a local hobby shop. Part number BSI209. Doesn't really say BSI any where except the bottom of package and the back of the epoxy bottles, which are in a plastic hanging pack with a flat bottom for store with shelves. I got a 12 pack...
  9. rbeckey

    Finishing Balsa Nose cones

    I have used 20 minute finish epoxy on larger balsa cones, such as a BT80 Goblin cone made by Sandman. He provided a bulkhead/eye bolt, so I suspended it , taped the shoulder and brushed on the epoxy. It is so thin it settles smoothly and makes a hard shell. Not much filling required. There was a...
  10. rbeckey

    Conflict - McAfee/ Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

    I had been considering doing the same until I purchased laptops that would be leaving the home network and returning. I try to keep track of where the kids take their machines, physically and virtually. I know they are always looking for "free" stuff, music and software. I know McAfee has...
  11. rbeckey

    Conflict - McAfee/ Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

    Computer problem today. Wired and wireless loss of internet connectivity, couldn't ping router, yellow exclamation point on network icon. If you run McAfee and install the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for August it might, maybe prang your network connection. You have to uninstall...
  12. rbeckey

    Krylon Fusion on non plastic?

    I have used Fusion on non-plastic parts without issues. No difference that I could determine between performance on various materials.
  13. rbeckey

    Doing the Dishes

    I made a container to soak motor cases out of schedule 40 PVC pipe with a flat bottom end cap and a cleanout. I have soaked them for short periods in diluted vinegar, soapy water and/or gun cleaner. I love the smell of Hoppes, brings back great memories just like the smell of burning Estes...
  14. rbeckey

    Received 808 #16 v2 camera.

    I ordered one of the key fob cameras off of eBay for a camera rocket project. It arrived from China in 15 days and was in working order when it got here. I am surprised at the decent quality of video and sound. I am using a Samsung 8 GB class 10 micro sdhc card model MB-MP8GA-US from WalMart...
  15. rbeckey

    Remote Control Relay Launcher

    Got it now. The written instructions are not by a native english speaker. After puzzling over it a bit I think I understand better.
  16. rbeckey

    Remote Control Relay Launcher

    Thanks for the reply. It looks to me that the diagram on the left and the diagram on the right are completely different. I get the one on the left, that is how I believed that the circuit would look. The one on the right doesn't make any sense to me. Which one is correct, or are they used for...
  17. rbeckey

    Remote Control Relay Launcher

    The company producing the remote control relay sent me the attached diagrams. The one on the right doesn't look right to me. I admittedly don't know much about it. Can someone explain it for me?
  18. rbeckey

    Remote Control Relay Launcher

    I was a member of the old forum. It has been years since I posted, though I have occasionally stopped by to visit. I need some advice and I think this is a new question. I have resurrected plans to build a custom launch controller, this time as wireless as possible. Electronics is not my...
  19. rbeckey

    AT HV Arcas and Cheetah, NIB

  20. rbeckey

    Does anybody use a VOIP service?

    I recently switched to Comcast's VOIP phone service. After a bit of a rough start due to a bad modem, everything has been good. I cannot tell the difference. Comcast sent a notice stating that their service did work with E911. I haven't tried it yet, thank goodness.