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  1. J

    TARC Question

    hmm I realized but I want to know what the cutoffs for previous years have been. Is it hopeless for me to go to nationals?
  2. J

    TARC Question

    For the 2017 TARC contest my team got a penalty of around 19.5 for the first launch and 20.5 for the second. Is this enough for qualification to nationals?
  3. J

    Weighing down the rocket

    Hi, I have a question about weighing down the bottom the rocket. I am wondering if I can put a inner tube on top of a motor mount and put the weight on the outside of the inner tube. Is this possible?
  4. J

    Center of Gravity Question

    I have a question about the center of gravity. Here I have attached a design for a rocket. The center of gravity in this rocket appears to be very low, although it is still a good distance from the center of pressure. Will this have any negative impacts on my rocket? Thanks.
  5. J

    Rocket Question

    Hi, thank you for your suggestion. We are using two rail buttons. One is above the CG and one is below. Should I get rid of one of them?
  6. J

    Rocket Question

    Yes, there was not much wind during the launch. Either day, I will try weighing down the bottom of the rocket for the next launch. If I look at the video closely, I can see that it turned immediately afterwards, then went relative straight. I think this may be more due to the torque problem. By...
  7. J

    Rocket Question

    Hi, I am relatively new to rocketry, and I have done a recent launch, which I have uploaded a video of in the link below. The problem is that right after the rocket left the launch rail, it immediately turned. I used spin tabs on the rocket, so I am confused what caused this to happen. Any...