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  1. C.O.B.H.C.

    Motor casings, Altimeters, etc. for Sale

    I haven't flown a single high power rocket in years and so I thought I would slow start selling off my rocket stuff. Kosdon 54/1400 Casing - $60 - Sold Brand New AeroTech 29/40-120 - $50 - Sold Used Rouse Tech casing 38/240 - $25 Used Rouse Tech casing 38/360 -$30 - Sold Used Rouse Tech...
  2. C.O.B.H.C.

    Parachutes are sold.

    I have rocket rage rrqs-70 $150 (SOLD) Fruity Chutes 84" Elliptical-$180 (SOLD) Or take both for $300. Paypal only. Plus $5 to $10 shipping. Lower 48 only.
  3. C.O.B.H.C.

    Build Thread: Dark Star 4 Dual Deploy

    My Dark Star arrived today that I ordered during the WildMan Black Saturday sale and I thought it would be fun to do a little build thread. Thanks again Tim for the great deal and a great kit. All the parts: 5:1 Von Karman Nosecone 44" G12 Booster 22" G12 Payload section 9" G12 Coupler 20" G12...
  4. C.O.B.H.C.

    Performance Rocketry - Competitor 4 Gallery

    Competitor 4 renamed MotorBreath on a K695R Competitor 4 renamed MotorBreath on an M1850W
  5. C.O.B.H.C.

    Aerotech Grain Spacers

    While at XPRS this weekend Aerotech was showing off their new grain spacers.
  6. C.O.B.H.C.

    XPRS 2009

    Who's going to be there? What are you bring to fly? XPRS September: 18-20 XPRS Research Launch: September 21st XPRS 2009 Special Projects I'll be there with Whiplash (a Firestorm 54 clone) and a few other rockets.
  7. C.O.B.H.C.

    How high have you gone?

    I thought I would bring back an old thread from the old TRF. Just wondering what is the highest altitude people flown their rockets. My highest flights was with an Aerotech M1850 White Lightning in a Performance Rocketry Competitor 4 to 18,600 Feet and change at XPRS 2008 up at the Black...
  8. C.O.B.H.C.

    Cert rockets

    I though I would start a thread about your cert flight(s) where you can tell us about what rocket and motor you used for your certification flight(s) and any other information you might want to give about the rocket and cert flight(s). Here are mine: L1: Rocket: Public Missiles Ltd...
  9. C.O.B.H.C.

    TESTING 1... 2... 3... TESTING 1... 2... 3...