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  1. TBob

    Newly Escaped From The Lab

    Interesting. From what I've seen, unistrut compatible guides have always used 1/4-20 but that size on a 1515 would make the walls fairly thin where it meets the rail, IMO.
  2. TBob

    Newly Escaped From The Lab

    Most common from my perspective is 10-24. I've not personally seen 1/4-20 used for 15-15 rail buttons. for example:
  3. TBob

    xx Paypal Friends and Family Warning.

    The drawback to Venmo for sales transactions is it offers no protection for buyers or sellers.
  4. TBob

    Go Fast Rocket Kit
  5. TBob

    Trouble Shooting Eggfinder LCD Build

    I had this same issue with a fresh one earlier this year. I contacted Cris and he suggested reflashing the software. It does take a data cable to do this. Worked like a champ. I'll see if I can find the procedures.
  6. TBob

    Schurter Switches...

    Also missing the plastic hex nut. Neither of these differences are a deal breaker for me, though. I'm in for 10!
  7. TBob

    Storing motors for cert attempts

    That's exactly what I did with my L3 cert motor assembly a couple of years ago at Airfest. Grippo stopped by my room and checked on the build.
  8. TBob

    Cool. Hi-res pix of the sun's surface.

    I'm surprised it took us this long to figure out our Sun is just a giant caramel popcorn ball.
  9. TBob

    Sharon's Sparkler

    Beautiful! I hope to see some of this propellant burning at AirFest this year.
  10. TBob

    Wanted Perfectflite Data Transfer Cable

    These are also available direct from Perfectflite.
  11. TBob

    MAC Hyper 54 L2 cert build

    You may be able to get whatever you need locally at Bluff City Electronics
  12. TBob

    Lighted Magnifying lamp diopter power for SMT circuit board soldering

    I have had very good luck with this soldering station: It's held up nicely for the last 5 years or so. On the lighted magnifiers I picked up a cheap one from HF...
  13. TBob

    AirFest XXVI

    Long weekends at the fabled Rocket Pasture are always a highlight of my year. See y'all there!
  14. TBob

    Black Aero Holiday Sale 2019

    Loving the new orange! I'll be in for one on 11/28!
  15. TBob

    Miss Riley Rocket Kits

    Sad news, Pat. Thanks for passing it along. I was lucky enough to meet him once, years ago. Quite a nice guy. Condolences to his friends and family.
  16. TBob

    Miss Riley Rocket Kits

    Most of those people said right here on this internet forum that they were buying one. Not much of a secret for the majority of names on that list.
  17. TBob

    M2245 assembly

    One of these may be what you are looking for.
  18. TBob

    SOLD Madcow Twitch - 3" Fiberglass Complete, NEW in package

    Cool! I'd be very interested in the 54mm Loki cases when you are ready to list them.