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  1. tmacklin

    Why did Estes.....

    .....discontinue the PSII Leviathan? This has been a very popular mid sized kit and has been frequently used in Level 1 attempts. I purchased two kits a couple of years ago on speculation and recently sold both. We are now out of stock on this kit as is every vendor I checked. Does anyone...
  2. tmacklin

    President greets TARC students

    This is encouraging.
  3. tmacklin

    Kids, don't try this at home!
  4. tmacklin

    Everything is Bigger in Texas

    I don't know about "everything", but this rat was pretty robust. It made the mistake of gnawing the power cord on my miter saw and thus was sentenced to capital punishment along with two of its offspring. Macklin 3, Rats 0. :bangbang:
  5. tmacklin

    Bluegrass Rocketman

    My son introduced me to this rendition of Elton John's classic.
  6. tmacklin

    Baltic Birch

    Today I was in my shop fabricating parts for fin jigs. Like most people who do repetitive work, my mind sometimes wanders. I was thinking about what a fine material Baltic Birch is and how useful it is in many applications, hobby rocketry being but one. Baltic Birch is also known as "Russian...
  7. tmacklin

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. tmacklin

    Yard Work

    So I'm playing catch up on my new, zero turn Gravely mower today, doing some long overdue mowing before it gets cold. Something about the monotonous droning of the engine is almost hypnotic, my thoughts began to wander and today was no exception. I thought, what if the American Colonists had...
  9. tmacklin

    Pete Fountain

    He was the greatest ever!
  10. tmacklin

    Invasive species

    Or maybe just unintended consequences from tampering with nature?
  11. tmacklin

    Nice, France

    Maybe if we ignore this it will just go away?
  12. tmacklin

    I've been asked again....

    ...about making a miniature version of my Guillotine Fin Jig. If there is enough interest to justify the cost of down scaling for production of this device it could be done. Any input would be appreciated and I cannot proceed without it. Thanks.
  13. tmacklin

    Independence Day

    July 4, 2016 will mark America's 240th birthday. It will be celebrated with fireworks, watermelons and the occasional heat stroke. Watch this if you can find it on your television in your area. HAPPY JULY 4TH!
  14. tmacklin


    So this morning when I checked my emails, private messages and new forum posts, the subject of "orientation" was weighing heavy on my mind. :facepalm: After reviewing things, I have come to the conclusion that the only aspects of orientation rocket enthusiasts need to consider are Azimuth and...
  15. tmacklin

    What's wrong with America's high schools?

    Despite the billions of dollars being spent our students are arriving at college totally unprepared. Why?
  16. tmacklin

    Self Defense

    Imagine for a moment that you are at an organized rocket launch when suddenly and without warning an armed person randomly opens fire on both the participants and spectators. What would you do? Here
  17. tmacklin

    So, you think you're an artist, eh?

    Then check out this guy. :surprised:
  18. tmacklin


    Sad news about the death of a hero who was silenced for telling the truth. Rest in Peace.
  19. tmacklin

    Could History Repeat?

  20. tmacklin

    Is Pro Wrestling Real?

    I just don't know. Do you?