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  1. PXR5

    SpaceX StarShip blew up :(

  2. PXR5

    Sodium Citrate

    Sodium Citrate is used in the production of nacho cheese and has the chemical formula Na₃C₆H₅O₇.
  3. PXR5

    First rocket launch in UK in 50 years

    Scottish launch startup Skyrora says it has performed a static fire of a rocket in the U.K. for the first time in five decades, a major milestone as it seeks to reach space for the first time in 2021...
  4. PXR5

    Aircraft spies gravity waves

    Aircraft spies gravity waves being sucked into Antarctica’s polar vortex Pretty cool :)
  5. PXR5

    Primer vs sandable primer

    I have been using sandable primer for several years, this weekend I ran out and called my associate who was at the dollar store shopping. I asked her to pick some up for me. No luck, but she bought regular primer. Well low and behold, what a dream to work with compared to the sandable. It's...
  6. PXR5

    Sanding, priming, sanding...

    Last night while lying in bed I got to thinking (dangerous). I don't recall myself doing so much sanding and priming in my youth. I don't recall spending that much time obsessing yet everything looked fine to me :) Anyone else recall their childhood builds? Did you sand and prep like you might...
  7. PXR5

    Cool Rocket Art Some cool stuff I thought I would share :)
  8. PXR5

    Spill hole questions

    I'm a full fledged BAR :) I have a 2 acre field in front of my house and would like to launch some low power/altitude launches there to avoid driving somewhere all the time. So do spill holes help or not in recovery? I have read conflicting information. Any other tips would be appreciated...
  9. PXR5

    I thought I had recovery problems Boy, what I could do with that thing ;)
  10. PXR5

    Any Astronomers here?

    I have always had telescopes, seemed to go well with rocketry. Currently have about 10, drives Wifey crazy. Mostly SCTs and MCTs along with an Orion ST80 for wide field. Like with most hobbies I get out when the weather permits. Sometimes on the astronomy forums we talk Rockets, so I was...
  11. PXR5

    New Rocket Book :)

    One of my buddies posted this on my Astronomy forum, thought I'd share
  12. PXR5


    Hi all, I joined awhile ago with anticipation to get back into this hobby and things got in the way (life). I was seriously into this hobby back in the early 1970s Lately I've been focusing on my other nerdy hobby, Astronomy. Hopefully I will get some launches off here at The Thirsty...